Marga-Path, seeking, journey

yatra yatrākṣamārgeṇa caitanyaṃ vyajyate vibhoḥ |
tasya tanmātradharmitvāc cillayād bharitātmatā || 117 ||

mārga [p= 812,2] [L=163364]
(in most meanings fr. mga , of which it is also the vddhi form in comp.) seeking , search , tracing out , hunting L.

n. ; ifc. f(ā).) the track of a wild animal , any track , road , path , way to (loc. or comp.) or through (comp.) , course (also of the wind and the stars) Mn. MBh. &c (mārga- or yam , with gen. of pers. , to give up the way to , allow to pass ; māgea ifc. = by way of i.e. through , across or along ; with √ , to go the way of i.e. suffer the same fate as ; mārgais ifc. , through ; mārgāya , with gen. , in order to make way for any one ; mārge , by the wayside or on the way ; with pra-cal , to set out on one's way ; nijamārga-gam , to go one's way)



&c ) Ragh.

medic.) a way , passage , channel (in any part of the body , esp. the intestinal canal , anus)

Ka1m. Katha1s. (mārgea , by means of. VarBr2S. )

Up. Ya1jn5. MBh. &c

MBh. Hariv. (cf. āmārga)

buddha for escape from the misery of existence (one of the 4 noble. truths) MWB. 44 (cf. āryā*ṣṭāga-m°)

Mn. viii , 3 , 9 &c

Ka1vya7d. Sa1h.

opp. to " vulgar ") style of acting or dancing or singing Inscr. Das3ar.

dram.) pointing out the way , indicating how anything is to take place Das3ar. Sa1h.

astrol.) the 7th mansion VarYogay.

geom.) a section W.

L. (cf. mga-mada)

mārgaśīra (November-December) Ra1jat.

mga-śiras L.

of viṣṇu (as " the way " , scil. to final emancipation) MBh.
mārga [L=163384]
(ī)n. belonging to or coming from game or deer R. Var. Sus3r.
(H2) m.
[L=163365](exceptionally also
[L=163366]a walk , journey
[L=163367]reach , range
[L=163368]a scar , mark (left by a wound
[L=163370]a way , expedient , means
[L=163371]a way , manner method , custom , usage
[L=163372]the right way , proper course
[L=163373](with Buddhists) the way or path pointed out by
[L=163374]a title or head in law , ground for litigation
[L=163375]a way of speaking or writing , diction , style
[L=163376]a high (
[L=163381]the month
[L=163382]the constellation
(H2B) mf

Usage, Resonances:

The Saivagamas
- 1983 - 160 pages - Snippet view
These have, in turn, given rise to a distinct sect among the Tantra followers, known as the Vama marga? which is defined ... It is also pointed out that this only indicates the degeneration and disrepute into which the Tantra marga had ...
M. Arunachalam

Tantra in practice - Page 472
- 2001 - 658 pages - Preview
Tantric Esoteric Practice The Todala Tantra belongs to the corpus of Tantric scriptures that make up the Mantra marga or Mantra path. The term Mantra marga means the entire Tantric paradigm of ritual worship and meditation. ...
David Gordon White

Understanding mantras - Page 232
- 1991 - 540 pages - Preview
The mantras, the sonic forms of the gods, give the sadhaka the mental support ( manasalambana) that he needs to ... by incessantly and ardently performing god's service (updsand), following the path of monotheism (aikdntika marga). ...
Harvey P. Alper

Lalita Sahasranama - Page 574
- 2010 - 646 pages - Preview
Āgama śāstra can be broadly classified under three paths, vāma marga, tantra marga and kaula marga. They advocate three types of sacrifices, rites, worship and knowledge. There is another way of worship known as pañcaṅga, which consists ...

Buddhist thought and ritual - Page 90
- 2001 - 199 pages - Preview
Following Saicho's intention, Ennin devoted himself to the study of the so- called "One Great Perfect Teaching" (ichidai- engyO). He maintained that the Shingon esoteric path (mantra-marga) was identical with the teachings expounded by ...
David J. Kalupahana

Tantra: Cult of the Feminine - Page 238
- 2002 - 408 pages - Preview
The Rigveda implicitly recognizes that the Left-Hand Path, Varna Marga, is Tantric, when it refers to the pre-Aryan god ... This reference to the left ( hand) is purposely biased and tendentious for in Tantra, Vama Marga (Vama = left , ...
Andre Van Lysebeth