Rati-Pleasure, enjoyment, delight in, the external genitals, especially of a woman

rati [p= 867,3] [L=174974]
rest , repose VS. S3a1n3khGr2.
867,3] [L=174975]
loc. or comp. ; ratim with √ āp , labh , upa-labh , adhi-gam , vidk or bandh and loc. , " to find pleasure in ") Up. Mn. MBh. &c
867,3] [L=174976]
kāma-deva , together with prīti q.v.) Mn. MBh. &c
867,3] [L=174977]
867,3] [L=174978]
rati-gha , pleasure-house VarBr2S.
867,3] [L=174979]
of the sixth kala of the Moon Cat.
867,3] [L=174980]
apsaras MBh.
867,3] [L=174981]
vibhu (mother of pthu-ea) BhP.
867,3] [L=174982]
867,3] [L=174983]
n Up.
867,3] [L=174984]
(H2) f.
[p= pleasure , enjoyment , delight in , fondness for (
[p= the pleasure of love , sexual passion or union , amorous enjoyment (often personified as one of the two wives of
[p= the pudenda
[p= =
[p= N.
[p= of an
[p= of the wife of
[p= of a magical incantation recited over weapons
[p= of the letter
[p= of a metre