Kama is Desire

kāmakrodhalobhamohamadamātsaryagocare |
buddhiṃ nistimitāṃ kṛtvā tat tattvam avaśiṣyate || 101 |

Kama has a wide semantic range – its meanings resonate in the areas of wish, desire, longing, love, affection, object of desire, pleasure, enjoyment, love, sexual love, sensuality, Love or Desire personified, the God of Love, a stake in gambling, semen, having an intention.

Wendy Doniger, in her translation of The Kama Sutra, proposes that kama is better represented in plural, as desire/love/pleasure/sex.
Mallanaga Vatsyayana, Wendy Doniger, Sudhir Kakar - 2003 - 304 pages - Preview
A new translation brings this classic of erotic love up to date and offers commentaries never before published in English.

Hugh Urban, in The Power of Tantra, cites a passage from the Kalikala Purana where “kama is said to pervade everything, to flow through everything - indeed, it is everything. Thus, worship of the goddess is about desire in every sense of the word: “kamastham

kāma [p= 252,2] [L=43900]
» s.v.
kā́ma [p= 271,3] [L=47938]
(fr. √2. kam ; once kāmá VS. xx , 60), wish , desire , longing (kāmo me bhuñjīta bhavān , my wish is that you should eat Pa1n2. 3-3 , 153), desire for , longing after (gen. dat. , or loc.) , love , affection , object of desire or of love or of pleasure RV. VS. TS. AV. S3Br. MBh. R. &c

AV. ix

(cf. RV. x , 129 , 4) VS. Pa1rGr2.

of the god of love AV. iii. 25 , 1 MBh. Lalit.

dharma and husband of rati [ MBh. i , 2596 ff. Hariv. VP. ] ; or as a son of brahmā VP. ; or sometimes of sakalpa BhP. vi , 6 , 10 ; cf. kāma-deva)

of agni SV. ii , 8 , 2 , 19 , 3 AV. TS. Ka1tyS3r. S3a1n3khS3r.

viṣṇu Gal.

baladeva (cf. kāma-pāla) L.

Na1r. xvi , 9

= mahā-rāja-cūta) L.

of a metre consisting of four lines of two long syllables each



of several men
kā́ma [L=47957]
object of desire L.
kā́ma [L=47958]
semen virile L.
kā́ma [L=47959]
N. of a tīrtha MBh. iii , 5047
kāmá [L=47964]
wishing , desiring RV. ix , 113 , 11
kā́ma [L=47965]
(ifc.) desirous of , desiring , having a desire or intention (cf. go-k° , dharma-k° ; frequently with inf. in tu cf. tyaktu-k°.)
kāma [p= 1324,2] [L=327520]
(H2) &c
(H1) m.
[L=47939]pleasure , enjoyment
[L=47940]love , especially sexual love or sensuality
[L=47941]Love or Desire personified
[L=47945](represented as son of
[L=47949]a stake in gambling
[L=47950]a species of mango tree (
[L=47952]a kind of bean
[L=47953]a particular form of temple
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) mfn.
(H1B) n.
(H2) (in
kā́mā [p= 271,3] [L=47955]
" wish , desire " (only instr. kāmayā q.v.)
kā́mā [L=47956]
N. of a daughter of pthuśravas and wife of ayuta-nāyin MBh. i , 37

(H1B) f.
(H1B) f.
 according to wish or affection , passionately , from passion or feeling (opposed to dharma-tas)

Mn. Ya1jn5. MBh. R. (cf. a-kāma-tas.)
(H3) ind.
[L=48047.1]of one's own accord , of one's own free will , willingly , intentionally , by consent
kā́ma--mohita [p= 272,2] [L=48139]
 infatuated by desire or love or passion.
(H3) mfn.
kā́ma--lola [p= 272,3] [L=48166]
 overcome with desire or passion W.
(H3) mfn.
 increase of sexual desire or passion L.
 a shrub of supposed aphrodisiac properties (called kāma-ja in thekarṇāṭakaL.
(H3) f.
(H3B) m.
kāmā* gni [L=48226]
 the fire of love , passion , lust
(H3) m.
kāmā tma-tā [p= 273,1] [L=48237]
 passion , lust Mn. ii , 2 R. ii , 21 , 57.
(H4) f.
kāmā* dhikāra [L=48238]
 the influence of passion or desires W.

śāstra that relates to human wishes or desires W.
(H3) m.
[L=48239]that part of a 
kāmā* nala [L=48241]
 the fire of love , passion , lust W.
(H3) m.
kāmā* rta [L=48257]
 afflicted by love or passion , in love W.
(H3) mfn.

1 āmiṣa (lust) 2 ālaṣ (lust) 3 kandarpa (lust) 4 kāmaja (lust) 5 kāmapīḍita (lust) 6 kāmamūḍha (lust) 7 kāmamoha (lust) 8 kāmāgni (lust) 9 kāmāgnisaṃdīpana (lust) 10 kāmātman (lust) 11 kāmātmatā (lust) 12 kāmānala (lust) 13 kāmāndha (lust) 14 kaiśika (lust) 15 jita (lust) 16 jitaśiśnodara (lust) 17 nikam (lust) 18 pramad (lust) 19 pralubh (lust) 20 pralobhana (lust) 21 madā (lust) 22 madākula (lust) 23 lubh (lust) 24 lolupatva (lust) 25 vilāsa (lust) 26 śarīraja (lust) 27 śiśanodaratṛp (lust) 28 śiśanodaraparāyaṇa (lust) 29 śiśanodarambhara (lust)
(H2) āmia [p= 146,2] [L=25436]
» s.v.
(H1) āmia [p= 147,1] [L=25523]
n. (probably connected with 1. āma ; fr. √2. mi , " to wet " T. ), flesh MBh. Mn. Pan5cat. Hit. Ragh. &c
food , meat , prey
an object of enjoyment , a pleasing or beautiful object &c Mn. Ragh. Katha1s. &c
coveting , longing for
lust , desire
a gift , boon , fee L.
(H2) āmia [p= 1319,3] [L=319520]
(in comp.)
(H1) ā- √ la [p= 153,3] [L=26771]
A1. -laate , to desire , lust after BhP. v , 13 , 6.
(H1) kandarpa [p= 249,3] [L=43247]
m. (etym. doubtful ; according to some fr. ka-darpa , " inflamer even of a god " » 3. ka , or " of great wantonness ") , N. of kāma (q.v.) , love , lust MBh. Bhag. Sus3r. &c
(in mus.) a particular rāga (q.v.)
a kind of time
membrum virile L.
N. of a man Katha1s.
(H3) kā́ma--ja [p= 272,1] [L=48034]
mfn. produced or caused by passion or desire , arising from lust Mn. vii , 46. 47. 50
begotten or born of desire or lust Mn. ix , 107. 143. 147
(H3B) kā́ma--ja [L=48036]
m. " born of kāma " , N. of aniruddha W.
(H3B) kā́ma--ja [L=48037]
m. pl. = kāmagamās VP.
(H3) kā́ma--pīita [p= 272,2] [L=48109]
mfn. tormented with lust or irregular desires.
(H3) kā́ma--mūha [L=48136]
mfn. infatuated by lust MW.
(H3) kā́ma--moha [L=48138]
m. infatuation of lust.
(H3) kāmā* gni [p= 272,3] [L=48226]
m. the fire of love , passion , lust
(H4) kāmā* gni---sadīpana [L=48227]
n. kindling the fire of lust , excitement of sexual love.
(H3) kāmā* tman [p= 273,1] [L=48235]
mfn. " whose very essence is desire " , consisting of desire , indulging one's desires , given to lust , sensual , licentious MBh. Mn. vii , 27
desiring , wishing for W.
(H4) kāmā tma-tā [L=48237]
f. passion , lust Mn. ii , 2 R. ii , 21 , 57.
(H3) kāmā* nala [L=48241]
m. the fire of love , passion , lust W.
(H3) kāmā* ndha [L=48242]
mfn. blinded through love , blind with lust Mn. vii , 27 (v.l.) Subh.
(H3B) kāmā* ndha [L=48243]
m. " blind from love " , the Indian cuckoo L.
(H3B) kāmā* ndha [L=48244]
m. the falcon L.
(H2) kaiśika [p= 311,3] [L=56310]
mf(ī)n. (fr. kéśa) , hair-like , fine as a hair Sus3r.
(H2B) kaiśika [L=56311]
m. (in music) N. of a rāga
(H2B) kaiśika [L=56312]
m. love , passion , lust L.
(H2B) kaiśika [p= 312,1] [L=56313]
m. N. of a prince (son of vidarbha and brother of kratha)
(H2B) kaiśika [L=56314]
m. of several men Hariv. VP.
(H2B) kaiśika [L=56315]
m. pl. N. of a subdivision of the yādavas (descended from kaiśika) MBh. ii , 585 Ragh. Ma1lav.
(H2B) kaiśika [L=56317]
m. N. of a locality or of a river MBh. iii , 10095
(H2B) kaiśika [L=56318]
m. for kauśikī (N. of durgā) L.
(H2B) kaiśika [L=56319]
n. the whole mass of hair , head of hair Pa1n2. 4-2 , 48.
(H2) jitá [p= 420,3] [L=79199]
mfn. won , acquired , conquered , subdued RV. viii , 76 , 4 AV. &c
overcome or enslaved by (in comp. e.g. kāma- , " under the dominion of lust ") Mn. &c
given up , discontinued Mn. iv , 181.
(H3) jitá--śiśno* dara [L=79218]
mfn. one who has overcome lust (lit. the membrum virile) and his appetite (lit. belly) MBh. xiii , 5341 ,
[p= 544,2] [L=107824]
(Pot. -kāmoyet BhP. ; p. A1. -kāmáyamāna TS. ; pf. cakame S3Br. ; inf. -kamam Ka1t2h. ) , to long or wish for , lust after (acc.)
(H1) pra- √ mad [p= 685,2] [L=135711]
(or mand) P. (rarely A1.) -madati , -mandati , -mādyati (°te) , to enjoy one's self , be joyous , sport , play RV.  ; 
to be careless or negligent , to be indifferent to or heedless about (
abl. or loc.) RV. &c  ; 
to neglect duty for , idle away time in (
loc.) Mn. MBh. &c  ; 
to be thrown into confusion
MBh. : Caus. P. -mādayati , to gladden , delight Ba1lar.  ; 
A1. -mādayate , to enjoy , indulge in RV.
(H3) pra-° mád [L=135725]
f. lust , desire VS. AV.
(H3) prá-mad [L=135726]
f. lust , desire VS. AV.
(H1) pra- √ lubh [p= 690,1] [L=136642]
P. A1. -lubhyati , °te , (A1.) to lust after , be lustful , follow one's lusts , go astray sexually (said of a wife) S3a1n3khGr2. Mn.  ; 
to allure , entice , seduce , pollute
MBh. : Caus. -lobhayati , to cause to lust after , allure , entice , attempt , to seduce MBh. R. Pur. &c  ; 
to divert the attention of any one by (
instr.) Sus3r.
(H3) pra-° lobhana [L=136648]
mfn. causing to lust after , alluring , seducing BhP.
(H3B) pra-° lobhana [L=136650]
n. allurement , inducement MBh. R. Katha1s. Ra1jat.
(H3B) pra-° lobhana [L=136651]
n. that which allures , a lure , bait MW.
(H3B) pra-° lobhana [L=136652]
n. (also w.r. for pralambhana Bhag. )
(H2B) mádā [p= 777,3] [L=155335]
f. sexual desire or enjoyment , wantonness , lust , ruttishness , rut (esp. of an elephant) MBh. Ka1v. &c
(H2B) mádā [L=155336]
f. , pride , arrogance , presumption , conceit of or about (gen. or comp.) ib.
(H2B) mádā [L=155337]
f. any exhilarating or intoxicating drink , spirituous liquor , wine , soma RV. &c ,
(H2B) mádā [L=155338]
f. honey Ragh.
(H2B) mádā [L=155339]
f. the fluid or juice that exudes from a rutting elephant's temples MBh. Ka1v. &c
(H2B) mádā [L=155340]
f. semen virile L.
(H2B) mádā [L=155341]
f. musk L.
(H2B) mádā [L=155342]
f. any beautiful object L.
(H2B) mádā [L=155343]
f. a river L.
(H2B) mádā [L=155344]
f. N. of the 7th astrol. mansion Var.
(H2B) mádā [L=155345]
f. Intoxication or Insanity personified (as a monster created by cyavana) MBh.
(H2B) mádā [L=155346]
f. N. of a son of brahmā VP.
(H2B) mádā [L=155347]
f. of a dānava Hariv.
(H2B) mádā [L=155348]
f. of a servant of śiva BhP.
(H3) madā* kula [p= 778,1] [L=155415]
mfn. agitated by passion or lust , furious with rut R2itus.
Westergaard Dhatupatha links: 18.22
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(H1) lubh [p= 904,3] [L=183010]
cl.6 P. lubhati (only Dha1tup. xviii , 22) or cl.4 P. xxvi , 124 lúbhyati (pf. lulubhe R. ; aor. alubhat , or alobhīt Gr. ; fut. lobdhā , or lobhitā , lobhiyati ib. ; inf. lobdhum MBh. ; ind.p. lobhitvā lubhitvā , lubdhvā Gr.) , to be perplexed or disturbed , become disordered , go astray AitBr.  ; 
to desire greatly or eagerly , long for , be interested in (
dat. or loc.) Mn. MBh. &c  ; 
to entice , allure
R. : Caus. lobháyati , °te (aor. alūlubhat Br. ; Pass. lobhyate MBh. ) , to confound , bewilder , perplex , derange S3Br.  ; 
to cause to desire or long for , excite lust , allure , entice , attract
MBh. Ka1v. &c  ; 
to efface
A1pS3r. (cf. Caus. of √ lup): Desid. of Caus. lulobhayiati , see , ā - √lubh: Desid. lulubhiati or lulobhiati Gr.: Intens. lolubhyate (Gr. also lolobdhi) , to have a vehement desire for (loc.) Ka1m. [cf. Lat. lubet , libet , libido ; Goth. liufs ; Germ. liob , lieb , lieben ; Angl.Sax. leo4f ; Eng. lief , love.]
(H3) lolupa--tva [p= 908,2] [L=183741]
n. eager desire or longing for (comp.) , greediness , cupidity , lust , Ka1v. Pur. Sus3r.
(H2) vi-lāsa [p= 985,1] [L=199655]
m. (ifc. f(ā).) shining forth , appearance , manifestation , R2it. Gi1t.
sport , play , pastime , pleasure , diversion (esp. with women &c ; but also applied to any playful action or gesture) MBh. Ka1v. &c (°sāya , " for sport ")
coquetry , affectation of coyness , wantonness (a form of feminine gesture considered as indicative of amorous sentiments) Hariv. Ka1v. Das3ar. Sa1h.
liveliness , joviality (considered as a masculine virtue) Das3ar. ii , 9
wantonness , lust Das3ar. Sa1h.
grace , charm , beauty BhP.
N. of a gram. wk.
(with ācārya) of a preceptor Cat.
(H2B) vi-lāsa [L=199663]
n. (and f(ā).) N. of a metre VarBr2S.
(H3) śárīra--ja [p= 1057,3] [L=213840]
mf(ā)n. produced from or belonging to or performed with the body , bodily Mn. S3is3. VP.
(H3B) śárīra--ja [L=213841]
m. (ifc. f(ā).) offspring
(H3B) śárīra--ja [L=213842]
m. a son MBh.
(H3B) śárīra--ja [L=213843]
m. the god of love , love MBh.
(H3B) śárīra--ja [L=213844]
m. sickness L.
(H3B) śárīra--ja [L=213845]
m. lust , passion MW.
(H4) śiśano* dara---tp [p= 1076,3] [L=218097]
mfn. addicted to lust and gluttony. ( BhP. )
(H4) śiśano* dara---parā* yaa [L=218097.1]
mfn. addicted to lust and gluttony. ( MW. )
(H4) śiśano* dara---m-bhara [L=218097.2]
mfn. addicted to lust and gluttony. ( BhP. )