Sanskrit words for Undulation

1 ūrmimattā (undulation) 2 valana (undulation) 3 vīcitaraṃganyāya (undulation)
ūrmí--mat---tā [p= 222,3] [L=38309]

(H4) f.
valana [p= 927,3] [L=188092]
(ifc. f(ā).) turning , moving round in a circle , waving , undulation , agitation , Ka1v. Sa1h. Ra1jat.
valana [L=188093]
deflection (in astron.) Su1ryas. VarBr2S.
(H2) n.
(H2B) f.
vī́ci--taraga-nyāya [p= 1004,3] [L=203449]
wave-undulation-method (or the rule by which sound reaches the ear , a term used to denote successive operation) Bha1sha1p.
(H3) m.