Matih-Devotion, prayer, worship, sacred utterance, intention, to set the heart on

also, the intuition that arises from devotion

bhaktyudrekād viraktasya yādṛśī jāyate
matiḥ |
sā śaktiḥ śāṅkarī nityam bhavayet tāṃ tataḥ śivaḥ || 121 ||

mati: devotion, prayer, worship, hymn, thought, design, intention, resolution, wish, desire, resolve, determine, opinion, notion, belief, mind, perception, intelligence, sense, respect, memory.

mati [p= 776,2] [L=155049]
» [p= 783,2].
matí [p= 783,2] [L=156670]
(in S3Br. also máti) devotion , prayer , worship , hymn , sacred utterance RV. VS.
783,2] [L=156670.1]
loc. dat. or inf.) RV. &c (matyā ind. wittingly , knowingly , purposely ; matik or dhā or dh or ā-dhā or samā-dhā or ā-sthā or sam-ā-sthā , with loc. dat. acc. with prati , or artham ifc. , to set the heart on , make up one's mind , resolve , determine ; matim with Caus. of ni-vt and abl. of a verbal noun , to give up the idea of ; āhita-mati ifc. -having resolved upon ; vinivtta-mati with abl. = having desisted from)
783,2] [L=156670.2]
S3rS. Mn. MBh. &c (matyā ind. at will ; ifc. , " under the idea of " e.g. vyāghra-m° , " under the idea of its being a tiger ")
783,2] [L=156670.3]
S3Br. &c &c (in RV. also " that which is sensible " , intelligent , mindful , applied to aditi , indra and agni)
783,2] [L=156670.4]
783,2] [L=156670.5]
783,2] [L=156670.6]
subalātmajā as one of the mothers of the five sons of ṇḍu , or regarded as a daughter of daka and wife of soma , or as the wife of viveka) MBh. Hariv. Prab.
783,2] [L=156670.7]
matí [p= 783,2] [L=156670.8]
N. of a king Buddh. [cf. Lat. mens ; Angl.Sax. ge-mynd ; Eng. mind.]
(H1) &c
(H2) f.
[p= thought , design , intention , resolution , determination , inclination , wish , desire (with
[p= opinion , notion , idea , belief , conviction , view , creed
[p= the mind , perception , understanding , intelligence , sense , judgement
[p= esteem , respect , regard
[p= memory , remembrance
[p= Opinion personified (and identified with
[p= a kind of vegetable or pot-herb
(H2B) m.

Studies in the concept of śraddhā in post-Vedic Hinduism
- 1971 - 128 pages - Snippet view
That matih is the same as bhaktih in this context is clear from the next verse: yasya bhaktir bhagavati harau, 'who has devotion in ... The expression drdha matih is similar to the expression askhalita matih, 'unfailing devotion' , Bha. ... -
Gouriswar Bhattacharya

A Vedic concordance: being an alphabetic index to every line of ... - Page 44
- 1906 - 1078 pages - Preview
10e. atribhya esate matih RV.5.67.5d. atrim anu svarajyam RV.2.8.5a. atrir naravavartati RV. 5. 7 3.7d. atrir yad vam avarohann rblsam RV.5.78.4a- atrir vam a vivasati RV. 5. 74.1d. atrivad rah krimayo hanmi AV.2.32.3^; 5.23.10a. ... -
Maurice Bloomfield

The Yoga of delight, wonder, and astonishment: a translation of ... - Page 108
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KJjsi*ifsTTiOT 3K?ft «rw^ *rftr: im *rfa>: 7rrs*r*t factf wm3t1! jrer: fara: ni^ in Bhaktyudrekad viraktasya yadrsi jayate matih / Su saktih Sahkari nityam bhavayet tam tatah sivah // 121 TRANSLATION The sort of intuition (mati) that ... -
Jaideva Singh

The vision of the Vedic poets
- 1984 - 372 pages - Snippet view
5, 96 pratibhatas ca pasyanti sarvam prajMvatdm dhiyah "the insight of the wise sees everything by 'intuition'". ... and also EW Hopkins, in JAOS, 22 (1901), p. 342 f. According to comm. (eg Vyakhya on Bhattfk. 11,9) p. = matih. ...
Jan Gonda