Wire – Sanskrit words for

Threading, making sutures, was one of the first human technologies, a game-changer almost as profound as fire.

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1 jāla (wire) 2 jālaprāyā (wire) 3 tantu (wire) 4 tantrī (wire) 5 sūtra (wire)
jāla 1 [p= 419,3] [L=79045]
watery MBh. iii , 11967
jāla 2 [L=79046]
a net (for catching birds , fish &c ) AV. viii , x Ka1tyS3r. Pa1rGr2. &c


fig.) , snare Ya1jn5. iii , 119 MBh. iii , 25 R. v Bhartr2. &c

anat.) the omentum Bhpr. ii , 310


MBh. v ff. Hariv. Kum. vii , 59

R. iii , 61 , 13 VarBr2S. lvi , 22

Mn. viii , 132 Ya1jn5. i , 361 Vikr. &c

» -pāda the finger- and toe-membrane of divine beings and godlike personages S3ak. vii , 16

Katha1s. lxxv


ifc.) collection multitude MBh. &c

Das3. viii , 42 Katha1s. xxiv , 199


jāta , kind , species S3vetUp. v , 3 R. ii
jāla 2 [L=79061]
(g. jvalā*di) Nauclea Cadamba L.
jāla 2 [L=79062]
a small cucumber. L. Sch.
jāla 2 [L=79064]
cf. áyo- , indra- , giri- , bhaj-.
jāla [p= 1327,3] [L=331920]
(H1) mfn.
(H1) n.
[L=79047]a hairnet
[L=79048]a net (
[L=79050]a cob-web
[L=79051]any reticulated or woven texture , wire-net , mail-coat , wire-helmet
[L=79052]a lattice , eyelet.
[L=79053]a lattice-window
[L=79054]" the web or membrane on the feet of water-birds "
[L=79055]lion's mane
[L=79056]a bundle of buds
[L=79058]deception , illusion magic
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H2) (in
jāla--prāyā [p= 420,1] [L=79083]
" chiefly wire-net " , chain-armour L.
(H3) f.
tántu [p= 436,1] [L=82420]
a thread , cord , string , line , wire , warp (of a web) , filament , fibre RV. &c



Ka1tyS3r. iii A1p. TUp. MBh. (cf. kula-) &c

AitBr. vii , 17

MBh. xii , 7877 Ma1lati1m.

of a sāman A1rshBr.

-nāga L.

g. gargā*di) N. of a man Pravar. iv , 1

ṣṭha- , vara- , saptá-.
(H2) m.
[L=82421]a cobweb
[L=82422]a succession of sacrificial performances
[L=82423]any one propagating his family in regular succession
[L=82424]a line of descendants
[L=82425]any continuity (as of thirst or hope)
tántrī [p= 436,2] [L=82498]
(īs ; ī). (īs cf. Pa1n2. 5-4 , 159 Ka1s3. ; ī L. ) = °ntī Gobh. iii , 6 , 7 and BhP. iii , 15 , 8 (v.l. for °ntī ; » also vatsatantrī)
tántrī [L=82499]
(īs ; ī). the wire or string of a lute S3a1n3khS3r. xvii La1t2y. iv , 1 , 2 Kaus3. &c (°tri R. vi , 28 , 26)
tántrī [L=82500]
(īs ; ī). (fig.) the strings of the heart Hariv. 3210 (v.l.)
tántrī [L=82501]
(īs ; ī). any tubular vessel of the body , sinew , vein Pa1n2. 5-4 , 159
tántrī [L=82502]
(īs ; ī). the plant °trikā L.
tántrī [L=82503]
(īs ; ī). a girl with peculiar qualities L.
tántrī [L=82504]
(īs ; ī). N. of a river L.
tántrī [L=82505]
(īs ; ī). cf. ku-tantrī.
tantrī [L=82559]
of °tra q.v.
(H2B) f
(H2B) f
(H2B) f
(H2B) f
(H2B) f
(H2B) f
(H2B) f
(H2B) f
(H2) f.
sū́tra [p= 1241,3] [L=251185]
(accord. to g. ardhacā*di also m. ; fr. √ siv , " to sew " , and connected with sūci and sūnā) a thread , yarn , string , line , cord , wire AV. &c

cf. -pāta) Hariv. VarBr2S. &c

cf. yajño*pavīta) BhP.



MBh. VarBr2S. Gol.



sūtra works form manuals of teaching in ritual , philosophy , grammar &c : e.g. in ritual there are first the śrauta-sūtras , and among them the kalpa-sūtras , founded directly on śruti q.v. ; they form a kind of rubric to Vedic ceremonial , giving concise rules for the performance of every kind of sacrifice [ IW. 146 &c ] ; other kinds of śruti works are the ghya-sūtras and sāmayācārika or dharma-sūtras i.e. " rules for domestic ceremonies and conventional customs " , sometimes called collectively smārta-sūtras [as founded on smti or " tradition " » smārta] ; these led to the later dharmaśāstras or " law-books " [ IW. 145] ; in philosophy each system has its regular text-book of aphorisms written in sūtras by its supposed founder [ IW. 60 &c ] ; in vyākaraa or grammar there are the celebrated sūtras of ini in eight books , which are the groundwork of a vast grammatical literature ; with Buddhists , pāśupatas &c the term sūtra is applied to original text books as opp. to explanatory works ; with jainas they form part of the dṛṣṭivāda) IW. 162 &c

(H2) n.
[L=251186]a measuring line (
[L=251187]the sacred thread or cord worn by the first three classes (
[L=251188]a girdle
[L=251189]a fibre
[L=251190]a line , stroke
[L=251191]a sketch , plan
[L=251192]that which like a thread runs through or holds together everything , rule , direction
[L=251193]a short sentence or aphoristic rule , and any work or manual consisting of strings of such rules hanging together like threads (these
[L=251194]a kind of tree