Nilaya - Rest, resting place, house, hiding place. In usage in the tradition, can mean “source.”

svadehe jagato vāpi sūkṣmasūkṣmatarāṇi ca |
tattvāni yāni
nilayaṃ dhyātvānte vyajyate parā || 54 ||

ni-laya [p= 558,3] [L=110165]
» ni-lī.
ni-° laya [p= 558,3] [L=110176]
rest , resting-place (cf. a-nil°)
558,3] [L=110177]
558,3] [L=110178]
ifc. [f(ā).] = living in , inhabiting , inhabited by) MBh. Var. Ka1v. &c
(H1) &c
(H3) m.
[p= hiding- or dwelling-place , den , lair , nest
[p= house , residence , abode (often

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Labhashankar Mohanlal Joshi, Labhashankar Mohanlal Joshi - 1998 - 470 pages - Snippet view
... Pancadasi reduced to seven syllables to which ndda and bindu are added as described in the Jnd.2 The word nilaya means the source of all the mantras.3 Thus, the Goddess is identical with navarna, the source of all the mantras. 776. ...

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Sir Monier Monier-Williams - 2005 - 1333 pages - Preview
Smasa (a word invented to serve as the source of smaidnu). Smaia, f. (prob. connected with asman) the elevated ridge or edge ... nilaya, mfn. dwelling in b° -gr°s (Siva), Sivag. — nivasin, mfn. dwelling in b°-gr°s, a ghost, spectre, MW. ...

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Mayatattva : the principle of veiling the Infinite and projecting the finite^ the source of the five kancukas. ... La(w) Laya-nilaya : absorption. Lina : absorbed. VaOO Vapus : (bhairavasya) form; the nature of Bhairava, cosmic essence. ...