Anustubh - a meter, four quarter-verses of eight syllables

anu-ṣṭubh 1 [L=7473]
stubh) to praise after , to follow in praising Nir.
anu-ṣṭúbh 2 [L=7474]
p (nom. °ṣṭúk TS. ) following in praise or invocation

pādas or quarter-verses of eight syllables each (according to the DaivBr. , quoted in Nir. vii , 12, so called because it anuṣṭobhati i.e. follows with its praise the gāyatrī , which consists of three pādas) RV. x , 130 , 4 , &c

anuṣṭubh constitutes a whole class of metres , consisting of four times eight syllables)

sarasvatī L.
anu-ṣṭúbh 2 [L=7474.5]
praising RV. x , 124 , 9.
anu-ṣṭubh [p= 1312,2] [L=307660]
stúbh (p. 1259)
(H1) ( √
(H2) f.
[L=7474.1]a kind of metre consisting of four
[L=7474.2](in later metrical systems , the
[L=7474.3]hence the number eight
[L=7474.4]speech ,
(H2B) mfn.
(H2) see 2.

anu-ṣṭu [p= 40,1] [L=7471]
stu) to praise RV.
(H1) ( √
ánu-ṣṭuti [L=7472]
praise RV.
(H2) f.