Marut - wind, air, breath and the gods of the winds

marút [p= 790,2] [L=158299]
(prob. the " flashing or shining ones " ; cf. marīci and Gk. μαρμαίρω) the storm-gods (indra's companions and sometimes e.g. Ragh. xii , 101 = devā , the gods or deities in general ; said in the veda to be the sons of rudra and pśni q.v. , or the children of heaven or of ocean ; and described as armed with golden weapons i.e. lightnings and thunderbolts , as having iron teeth and roaring like lions , as residing in the north , as riding in golden cars drawn by ruddy horses sometimes called pṛṣatī q.v. ; they are reckoned in Naigh. v , 5 among the gods of the middle sphere , and in RV. viii , 96 , 8 are held to be three times sixty in number ; in the later literature they are the children of diti , either seven or seven times seven in number , and are sometimes said to be led by mātariśvan) RV. &c

hanumat and regent of the north-west quarter of the sky) Kir. Ra1jat. (cf. comp.)

Ka1v. Pur. &c


= tvij Naigh. iii , 18

ib. i , 2

ib. iii , 7

of a sādhya Hariv.

bhad-ratha MaitrUp.
marút [L=158308]
Trigonella Corniculata L.
marút [L=158309]

a kind of fragrant substance (= granthi-para) L.
(H1) m. pl.
[L=158300]the god of the wind (father of
[L=158301]wind , air , breath (also applied to the five winds in the body)
[L=158302]a species of plant
[L=158307]of the prince
(H1B) f.
(H1B) n.
marút--patha [L=158320]
the path or region of the air Ka1d.
(H3) m.
marud--dhvaja [p= 790,3] [L=158358]
" wind-sign , wind-banner " , the down of cotton floating in the air , flocculent seeds wafted by the wind L.
(H3) n.
marud--vartman [L=158366]
the path or region of the air L.

(H3) n.


mā́ruta [p= 812,1] [L=163305]
(ī)n. or mārutá (fr. marut) relating or belonging to the maruts , proceeding from or consisting of the maruts RV. &c

Mn. Hariv. &c
mā́ruta [L=163305.10]
N. of viṣṇu RV.
mā́ruta [L=163305.15]
of rudra VarBr2S.
mā́ruta [L=163305.20]
a son of the maruts (applied to vāyu , ūrdhva-nabhas , dyutāna or nitāna) VS. TS. Br. S3rS.
mā́ruta [L=163305.25]
(= marut) wind , air , the god of wind Mn. MBh. &c
mā́ruta [L=163305.30]
vital air , one of the 3 humours of the body Sus3r.
mā́ruta [L=163305.35]
breath S3iksh.
mā́ruta [L=163305.40]
a chief of the maruts g. parśv-ādi
mā́ruta [L=163305.45]
N. of a marut Ya1jn5. Sch.
mā́ruta [L=163305.50]
of agni Gr2ihya1s.
mā́ruta [L=163305.55]
pl. the maruts (regarded as children of diti) MBh. R.
mā́ruta [L=163305.60]
N. of a people MBh. (B. ; C. maaka)
mā́ruta [L=163305.75]
(scil. kska or nakatra) the constellation svāti L.
mā́ruta [L=163305.80]
N. of a sāman A1rshBr.


[L=163305.05]relating to or derived from the wind , windy , aerial
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.