Svarasa - Own juice or essence, instinct of self-preservation, natural flavor, a feeling for one's people, instinct of self-preservation.

svarasa: your own juice or essence. Natural flavor. A feeling for one's people. The instinct of self-preservation.
svá--rasa [p= 1276,2] [L=258107]
own (unadulterated) juice or essence MBh. Car. &c
1276,2] [L=258108]
1276,2] [L=258109]
1276,2] [L=258110]
partic. astringent juice or decoction MW.
1276,2] [L=258111]
1276,2] [L=258112]
-tas , " through own inclination " , " for pleasure ") A1pS3r. Sch.
1276,2] [L=258113]
1276,2] [L=258114]
1276,2] [L=258115]
svá--rasa [p= 1276,2] [L=258116]
(ā)n. agreeable or pleasant to one's taste , congenial Katha1s. TPra1t. Sch.
svá--rasa [p= 1276,2] [L=258117]
N. of a mountain Pur.
sva-rasa [p= 1282,1] [L=259259]
&c » [p= 1276,2].

(H3) m.
[p= natural or peculiar flavour
[p= proper taste or sentiment in composition
[p= a
[p= the sediment of oily substances ground on a stone
[p= own inclination (
[p= feeling for one's own people
[p= instinct of self-preservation (?)
[p= analogy
(H3B) mf
(H3B) m.
(H1) sva-rāj
Yoga-sūtras of Patañjali with the Exposition of Vyāsa: Sādhana-pāda - Page 107
Swami Veda Bharati - 2001 - 860 pages - Preview
As stated, it proves the experience of a past death. Even a child facing a threat trembles (VB). Perhaps the word sva-rasa can be paraphrased as instinct, but such instinct in this theory is not accidental. It is the continuation of a ...

The philosophy of classical yoga
Georg Feuerstein - 1980 - 140 pages - Snippet view
The remaining constituent of this psychological web is the powerful thirst for life, eros, the survival instinct ... flowing on by its own nature, is rooted even in the sage' (sva-rasa-vahl viduso'pi tatha riidho'bhinives'ah, II.9). ...

The Journal of the Indian Academy of Philosophy: Volumes 30-32
Indian Academy of Philosophy - 1991 - Snippet view
... previous existence, which abides in us as a residual potency (Vaasanaa) and causes the instinct of self-preservation, fear of death and love of life. ... 9. Sva-rasa-vaahi vidusho' pitathaa-rudho' bhlniveshah. Ibid. Aph. 9, Bk. II. ...

Pātañjala Yoga philosophy: with reference to Buddhism
Koichi Yamashita - 1994 - 196 pages - Snippet view
... in the wise.115 The bearer of the essence of life i svarasa-vahin) means the craving for one's self (atma-rasi), ... as a residual potency (vasana) and causes the instinct of self- preservation, fear of death and love of life.117 5. ...

svārasika [p= 1284,2] [L=259731]
(fr. sva-rasa) possessing inherent flavour or sweetness (as a poem &c ) MW.

(H1) mfn.
[L=259732]natural , self-evident

svālakaya [L=259751]
(fr. sva-lakaa) specific characteristics , natural disposition Mn. ix , 19.
(H1) n.

svā* rtha [L=258406]
one's own affair or cause , personal matter or advantage , self-interest , one's own aim or object (also pl.) MaitrUp. MBh. R. &c


Sa1h. Veda7ntas. TPra1t. Sch.

*rtha) , a pleonasm MW.

li*rtha-viśea L.
svā* rtha [L=258411]
(ā)n. directed to one's self egoistical (-tā f.) Kum. Tarkas. &c
svā* rtha [L=258412]
(ā)n. adapted to (its) purpose Car.
svā* rtha [L=258413]
(ā)n. having one's object , expressing (its) own inherent or true meaning , having a natural or literal meaning , having a similar merits (= *rtha) , pleonastic MW.
(H3) m.
[L=258407]one's own property or substance
[L=258408]own or original meaning
[L=258409]similar meaning (prob. for
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
svau* jas [p= 1278,1] [L=258469]
having natural or peculiar energy MW.
svau* jas [L=258470]
N. of a minister Nya1yam.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
svaya--k [p= 1278,2] [L=258554]
(ā́)n. (or svayá-k°) made or performed or effected or committed or composed by one's self , natural , spontaneous (with vigraha , " a war undertaken on one's own account ") TBr. &c

(H3) mf

svá--stha [L=258275]
(ā)n. self-abiding , being in one's self (or " in the self " Sarvad. ), being in one's natural state , being one's self uninjured , unmolested , contented , doing well , sound well , healthy (in body and mind ; often v.l. for su-stha) , comfortable , at ease (compar. -tara) MaitrUp. &c


sva-stha [p= 1283,2] [L=259572]
» [p= 1271,1].
(H3) mf
[L=258276]relying upon one's self , confident , resolute , composed
[L=258277]self-sufficient , independent
(H1) &c

svá--sthī- √ k [p= 1277,1] [L=258287]
-karoti , to make one's self , make well , reduce to one's natural condition Pan5cad.
(H3) P.
svá--sthī- √ bhū [L=258288]
-bhavati , to become one's self , return to one's natural condition , become well or sober Prab.
(H3) P.
svá--svabhāva [L=258292]
one's natural disposition Mr2icch.
(H3) m.