ṣaṭśatāni divā rātrau sahasrāṇyekaviṃśatiḥ |
japo devyāḥ samuddiṣṭaḥ sulabho
durlabho jaḍaiḥ || 156 ||
dur--labha [p= 486,3] [L=94258]
difficult to be obtained or found , hard , scarce , rare (comp. -tara) Mn. MBh. Ka1v. &c
486,3] [L=94259]
inf. MBh. iii , 1728)
486,3] [L=94260]
486,3] [L=94261]
-ka) Ka1ran2d2.
dur--labha [p= 486,3] [L=94262]
Curcuma Amhaldi or Zerumbet L.
dur--labha [p= 486,3] [L=94263]
N. of a man Cat.
dur--labhā [p= 486,3] [L=94264]
Alhagi Maurorum or = śveta-kaṇṭa-kārī L.
(H3) mfn.
[p= hard to be (with
[p= extraordinary , eminent
[p= dear , beloved (also
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
(H3B) f.

The serpent power: being the Ṣaṭ-cakra-nirūpana and ...
, Sir John George Woodroffe - 1974 - 529 pages - Snippet view
The Five faces of Siva as given in the Lingarcana Tantra are: " On the West 1 { ie, back) is Sadyo-jata; ... It is difficult of attainment (Durlabha) , as it is the result of manifold merit acquired by the practice of laborious endeavour ...
Arthur Avalon

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The Five Faces of Shiva as given in the Limgarchana Tantra are : " On the West 1 (ie, back) is Sadyojiita ; on the North (ie ... It is difficult of attainment ( Durlabha), as it is the result of manifold merit acquired by the practice of ...
Pūrnānanda Gosvāmī

Lalitā-sahasranāma: a comprehensive study of one thousand names of ...
- 1998 - 470 pages - Snippet view
She is unfettered (Visrnkhala — 834 ) and difficult to be controlled, attained, reached, and worshipped (Duradharsa — 772, Durlabha — 188, ... Her qualities from the Tantric point of view: She rests on the couch made of five corpses ...
Labhashankar Mohanlal Joshi

New light on Tantra: accounts of some Tantras, both Hindu and ...
- 1992 - 697 pages - Snippet view
... never be shunned by the dvijas ; because Brahminhood of one, who has abandoned the Veda, is rare ( durlabha ). ... of Tantra ( giving up the Veda ), out of passion and greed, are [tierced by Brahminhood ( brahmanyena vidaritab). ...
Sures Chandra Banerji

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GhSinYK.4.10646 Even though the tantra tradition often recognizes $had- anga yoga consisting of: prSnayama, dhySna, ... Durlabha bauddha grauiha pahcbaya. Vol. I. p. 216. microfilm no. 3.693 from Ibe Kathmandu National Archives in the ...
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... put it, "maithun durlabh kalian?".30 That is to say, even in modern puritanical India, sexual relations are not that difficult to come by. In other words, the deeper significance of Tantric ritual is rather to be seen, for example, ...
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... sarvasiddhisvaro bhavet/ Brahma caiva Vasisthalca tathanye ca fsisvarah, niskalakra- mamargena bhajanti satatam Sive. Tarabhakta mahesani brahmaria parikirtitah, brahmaviyda mahavida sarvatra durlabha kalau,' verses 61-63. ...
Agehananda Bharati