Ogha-Flood, multitude, uninterrupted tradition

ogha [p= 235,2] [L=40609]
(ifc. f(ā).)
235,2] [L=40610]
vah) flood , stream , rapid flow of water MBh. Megh. S3ak. &c
235,2] [L=40611]
MBh. BhP. Katha1s. &c
235,2] [L=40612]
235,2] [L=40613]
235,2] [L=40614]
L. (cf. augha.)
ogha [p= 1323,2] [L=325770]
pl. the (four) floods (of worldly passion), Divya7v.
(H1) m.
[p= ( √
[p= heap or quantity , flock , multitude , abundance
[p= quick time (in music)
[p= uninterrupted tradition
[p= instruction
(H2) m.

A couple of other Sanskrit words for flow

dravaya [p= 501,1] [L=97592]
A1. °yate , to run , flow RV. x , 148 , 5.
(H2) Nom.


sam- √ plu [L=236727]
-plavate , to flow or stream together , meet (as waters) MBh.  ; 
to be heaped or massed together (as clouds)
ChUp.  ; 
to founder , go down (as a ship)
GopBr.  ; 
to fluctuate , waver (as the mind)
Uttarar. : Caus. -plāvayati to cause to flow or mass together (as clouds) TS. S3Br.  ; 
to melt into , mingle or merge with (
instr.) AgP.  ; 
to float over , inundate , submerge
MBh. R.
(H1) A1.