Samudra - gathering together of waters, the sea

Here is a beautiful word, that Shiva Rea uses as the name of her yoga school. Plus there is a pun. In addition to the ocean-related words, there is sa-mudra.

Sa-mudra, having a stamp or seal


sam-udrá [p= 1166,3] [L=235218]
(n. only RV. vi , 72 , 3 ; ifc. f(ā). cf. udrá , an-udrá ; for sa-mudra » [p= 1168,2]) " gathering together of waters " , the sea , ocean (in veda also " the aerial waters " , " atmospheric ocean or sky " [cf. Naigh. i , 3] ; in VP. ii , 4, seven circular concentric [elsewhere 3 or 4] oceans are named , viz. lavaa , " salt-water " ; iku , " syrup " ; surā , " wine " ; ghta , " clarified butter " ; dadhi , " curds " ; dugdha , " milk " ; jala , " fresh water " ; in later language the Ocean is often personified as king of the rivers) RV. &c

of the number , four (four principal oceans being reckoned by some , one for every quarter of the sky) Gan2it.

soma vessel RV. vi , 69 , 6 ; ix , 29 , 3 &c

of an immensely high number (1 with 14 cyphers) TS. S3a1n3khS3r. MBh.

partic. configuration of the stars and planets (when the 7 planets are situated in the and , 4th , 6th , 8th , 10th and 12th houses) VarBr2S.

of śiva MBh.

daitya Hariv.

sūri) Cat.



wk. quoted by padmanābha Cat.

sam-udrá [L=235232]
N. of two sāmans A1rshBr.
sam-udrá [L=235233]
of various metres TS. Nida1nas. &c
sa-mudra [p= 1168,2] [L=235531]
(ā)n. (for sam-udra » [p= 1166,3]) having a stamp or seal , stamped , sealed , marked Mn. Ya1jn5. Mudr.
samudra [p= 1332,3] [L=340530]
(H2) m.
[L=235220]a large
[L=235225]of a
[L=235226]of various authors (also with
[L=235227]of the son of a merchant born on the sea
[L=235228]of other men
[L=235229]of a
[L=235230]of a place
(H2B) mn.
(H2B) mn.
(H1) mf
(H2) (in

sam-udrá--kāñcī [p= 1166,3] [L=235239]
" sea-girdled " , the earth L.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--kāntā [L=235240]
" sea-beloved " , a river L.

Corniculata L.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--kuki [L=235242]
the sea-shore MBh.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--gamana [p= 1167,1] [L=235247]
going or voyaging by sea , sea-roving MW.
(H3) n.

sam-udrá--gāmin [L=235248]
sea-going , seafaring ib.
(H3) mfn.

sam-udrá--já [L=235252]
produced or found in the sea AV. Sus3r. Pan5cat.
(H3) mfn.

sam-udrá--tás [L=235256]
from the sea RV.
(H3) ind.

sam-udrá--tīra [L=235257]
the sea-shore Hit.
(H3) n.

sam-udrá--tirīya [L=235258]
dwelling on the sea-shore Buddh.
(H3) mfn.

sam-udrá--dayitā [L=235261]
" sea-beloved " , a river L.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--nikua [L=235268]
a pleasure-ground near the sea

of a pleasure-ground MBh.
(H3) m.

sam-udrá--patnī [L=235273]
wife of the sea , a river Ragh.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--paryanta [L=235274]
(ā)n. sea-bound (as the earth) AitBr. Pan5cat.
(H3) mf

sam-udrá--phala [L=235276]
" sea-fruit " , a partic. drug L.
(H3) n.

sam-udrá--phea [L=235277]
w.r.) m. " sea-foam " , the bone of the cuttle-fish (so light that it floats) Ragh. Sus3r. Bhpr.
(H3) (

sam-udrá--phena [L=235278]
" sea-foam " , the bone of the cuttle-fish (so light that it floats) Ragh. Sus3r. Bhpr.
(H3) m.

sam-udrá--bhava [L=235280]
being in the ocean , produced from or in the sea MW.
(H3) mfn.

sam-udrá--mālin [L=235286]
sea-wreathed (the earth) R.
(H3) mfn.

sam-udrá--mekhalā [L=235288]
" sea-girdled " , the earth L.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--yātrā [L=235289]
a sea-voyage Hariv.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--yoit [L=235293]
" wife of the sea " , a river Vcar.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--raśana [L=235294]
(ā)n. (also written -ras°) sea-girdled (said of the earth) Hariv. Ragh. VarBr2S.
(H3) mf

sam-udrá--lavaa [L=235296]
sea-salt L.
(H3) n.

sam-udrá--vallabhā [L=235299]
" mistress of the sea " , a river Vcar.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--vasana [L=235300]
(ā)n. sea-clothed , seagirt (the earth) Hariv.
(H3) mf

sam-udrá--vāsas [L=235304]
°drá.) mfn. " sea-clothed " veiled or concealed in the waters (said of agni) RV.
(H3) (

sam-udrá--vāsin [L=235305]

dwelling near the sea MBh.
(H3) mfn.

sam-udrá--vyacas [L=235309]
°drá-) mfn. whose capacity equals that of the sea or a somavessel (said of indra) VS.
(H3) (

sam-udrá--vyavahārin [L=235310]
trading by sea S3ak.
(H3) mfn.

sam-udrá--śukti [L=235311]
a sea-shell Ma1lav. Sin6ha7s.
(H3) f.

sam-udrá--salile-śaya [L=235315]

lying in sea-water (a kind of penance) Hariv.
(H3) mfn.

sam-udrá--sāra [L=235316]

" quintessence of the sea " , a pearl MBh.
(H3) n.

sam-udrá--snāna [L=235322]

ablution in the sea
(H3) n.

samudrā* nta [L=235325]
the sea-shore Ca1n2.
samudrā* nta [L=235326]
(ā)n. reaching to the sea (said of the earth) R. Katha1s.
samudrā* nta [L=235327]
(ā)n. falling into the sea (as a river) BhP.
samudrā* nta [L=235329]
(ā)n. the shrub Alhagi Maurorum Bhpr.
samudrā* nta [L=235330]
(ā)n. the cotton plant ib.
samudrā* nta [L=235331]
(ā)n. Trigonella Corniculata ib.
samudrā* nta [L=235332]
nutmeg L.
(H3) m.
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
(H3B) n.

samudrā* mbarā [L=235334]
" sea-clothed " , the earth L.
(H3) f.

samudrā* mbhas [L=235335]
sea water MW.
(H3) n.

samudrā* yaa [L=235336]
(ā)n. flowing to the sea Pras3nUp.
(H3) mf

samudrā* ru [L=235337]
" sea-torment " , a large fabulous fish (= grāha-bheda)

= setubandha L.
(H3) m.

samudrā* rtha [L=235339]
(ā)n. tending , to the sea RV.
(H3) mf

samudrā* varaa [L=235341]
(ā)n. sea-clothed (the earth) BhP.
(H3) mf

samudrāya [p= 1167,2] [L=235346]
A1. °yate , to resemble the sea , appear like the ocean Mr2icch.
(H2) Nom.

samudríya [L=235347]
(ā)n. belonging to or flowing into the sea RV.

soma vessel ib. ix , 107 , 16
samudríya [L=235349]
(prob.) a kind of metre S3Br.
(H2) mf
[L=235348]relating to or being in the
(H2B) n.

samudrīya [L=235350]
relating to the sea , marine , oceanic MW.
(H2) mfn.


samudra--sayāna [p= 1332,3] [L=340530.2]
going to sea, Baudh.


(H3) sa-sāra--samudra [p= 1119,3] [L=226894]
m. the ocean-like world Pan5cat.

(H3) n.