vi-śea [L=200604]
(once in Pan5cat. n. ; ifc. f(ā).) distinction , difference between (two gen. , two loc. , or gen. and instr.) Gr2S3rS. MBh. &c

Mn. MBh. &c

e.g. vka-v° , a species of tree , in comp. often also = special , peculiar , particular , different , e.g. chando-v° , " a particular metre " , viśea-maṇḍana , " a peculiar ornament " ; argha-viśeā , " different prices ") MBh. Ka1v. &c

pl.) various objects Megh.
990,3] [p= 990,2] [L=200608]
comp. often = excellent , superior , choice , distinguished e.g. ākti-v° , " an excellent form " ; cf. viśea-pratipatti) Mn. MBh. &c

cf. vi-śeaka and vi-śeaa)

phil.) particularity , individuality , essential difference or individual essence (with the vaiśeikas the 5th cate gory or padā*rtha , belonging to the 9 eternal substances or dravyas , viz. soul , time , place , ether , and the 5 atoms of earth , water , light , air , and mind , which are said to be so essentially different that one can never be the other) IW. 66 &c


rhet.) statement of difference or distinction , individualization , variation Kuval. (cf. viśeo*kti)

= tilaka) L.

geom.) the hypotenuse S3ulbas.

of the primary elements or mahā-bhūtas (q.v.) MaitrUp.



virāj ib.
vi-śea [L=200620]
(ā)n. extraordinary , abundant Ragh. ii , 14 (B. viśeāt for viśeā)
vi-śea [p= 991,3] [L=200836]
» [p= 990,2].
(H2) m.
[L=200605]characteristic difference , peculiar mark , special property , speciality , peculiarity
[L=200606]a kind , species , individual (
[p= distinction , peculiar merit , excellence , superiority (in
[L=200609](in gram.) a word which defines or limits the meaning of another word (
[L=200611](in medicine) a favourable turn or crisis of a sickness
[L=200613]a sectarian mark , any mark on the forehead (
[L=200616]the earth as an element
[L=200617]the mundane egg
(H2B) mf
(H1) &c

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80 bhidākara (distinction)


(H1) ati-vi- √ vṛt [p= 15,2] [L=3192] Caus. -vartayati , to separate too far , to make too great distinction between RV. Pra1t.

(H2) a-pariccheda [p= 51,1] [L=9555] m. want of distinction or division
[p= 51,2] [L=9556] want of discrimination S3a1k. , want of judgement , continuance.

(H2) abhi-vyakti [p= 70,1] [L=12434] f. manifestation , distinction Pa1n2. 8-1 , 15 Sa1h. &c

(H1) a-bheda [p= 75,1] [L=13121] m. non-fracture , compactness , closeness of array RPra1t. &c
[L=13122] absence of difference or distinction , identity
(H1B) a-bheda [L=13123] mfn. not different , identical VP.

(H2) a-bhedaka [L=13124] mfn. not dividing , not causing any distinction Pat.

(H2) aráṇi 1 [p= 86,2] [L=15052] f. " being fitted into " or " turning round " , the piece of wood (taken from the Ficus Religiosa or Premna Spinosa) used for kindling fire by attrition RV. &c (generally distinction is made between the lower one and the upper one , adharā*raṇí and uttarā*raṇi , the former may also be meant by araṇi alone without adhara)
[L=15053] (figuratively) a mother Hariv. (cf. pāṇḍávā*raṇi and surā*raṇi)
(H2B) aráṇi 1 [L=15054] m. the plant Premna Spinosa L.
(H2B) aráṇi 1 [L=15054.1] m. the sun L.
(H1) á-raṇi 2 [p= 86,3] [L=15060] f. discomfort , pain AV. i , 18 , 2.
(H2) áraṇi [p= 1316,1] [L=313620] (accord. to some, "uncouthness" [ Sa1y. reads araṇīm], AV. i, 18, 2).

(H3) ártha--bheda [p= 91,1] [L=15938] m. distinction or difference of meaning.

(H2) ava-ccheda [p= 98,2] [L=17242] m. anything cut off (as from clothes) A1s3vS3r.
[L=17243] part , portion (as of a recitation) ib.
[L=17244] separation , discrimination
[L=17245] (in logic) distinction , particularising , determining
[L=17246] a predicate (the property of a thing by which it is distinguished from everything else).

(H2) a-vibhāga [p= 109,2] [L=18915] m. no separation , no distinction between (gen.) Pa1n2. 1-2 , 33 Ka1s3. Sus3r. &c
[L=18916] no division Gaut.
[L=18917] undivided inheritance L.

(H2C) a-vibhāgena [L=18918] ind. instr. without distinction , in the same way Pa1n2. 1-2 , 33 Sch.

(H3) a-vibhāga--vid [L=18919] mfn. not knowing the distinction between or the classification of (gen.) MBh. viii , 3455.

(H2) a-viveka [p= 110,1] [L=19018] m. absence of judgement or discrimination Pan5cat. Katha1s.
[L=19019] non-separation , non-distinction Kap.

(H1) a-viśeṣa [L=19037] m. non-distinction , non-difference , uniformity Kap.
(H1B) a-viśeṣa [L=19038] mfn.without difference , uniform BhP. Kap. &c
(H1B) a-viśeṣa [L=19039] n. pl. (in sāṃkhya phil.) N. of the (five) elementary substances (cf. tan-mātra)
[L=19041] not differently , equally Comm. on Nya1yad.

(H1C) a-viśeṣāt [L=19040] ind. or in comp. aviśṣa- ([e.g. aviśeṣa-śruteṣ , aviseṣo*padeśāt Ka1tyS3r. ]) without a special distinction or difference Ka1tyS3r. Jaim. Gaut. S3ulb.

(H1C) a-viśeṣeṇa [L=19042] ind. without a special distinction or difference A1p. Comm. on Ya1jn5. &c =

(H2) upa-lakṣa [p= 205,3] [L=35627] m. distinction , distinguishing (» dur-upa°).

(H1) kartá [p= 257,3] [L=45075] m. ( √1. kṛt ; a more recent form is 2. gárta) , a hole , cavity RV. AV. iv , 12 , 7 AitBr. &c
[L=45076] separation , distinction BhP.
(H2) karta [p= 1324,1] [L=326890] (also) a spindle (?), Ma1nGr2. (v.l.).

(H3) jāti--tā [p= 418,1] [L=78680] f. distinction of caste W.
[L=78681] generic property W.

(H3) jāti--lakṣaṇa [L=78707] n. generic or specific distinction , characteristic W.
[L=78708] mark of tribe or caste W.

(H3) jñānā* gni [p= 426,2] [L=80471] m. " knowledge-fire " , distinction between good and bad GarbhUp.

(H2) tilaka [p= 448,2] [L=85306] m. (g. sthūlā*di) Clerodendrum phlomoides (Symplocos racemosa L. ) MBh. &c
[L=85307] a freckle (compared to a sesamum-seed) VarBr2S. l , 9 ; lii , 10 Katha1s.
[L=85309] a kind of skin-eruption L.
[L=85310] (in music) N. of a dhruvaka
[L=85311] a kind of horse L.
[L=85312] N. of a prince of kampanā Ra1jat. viii , 577 ff
(H2B) tilaka [L=85313] m. (n. Pan5cad. ii , 57) a mark on the forehead (made with coloured earths , sandal-wood , or unguents , either as an ornament or a sectarial distinction) Ya1jn5. i , 293 MBh. iii , 11591 R. (ifc. f(ā). , iii) &c
(H2B) tilaka [L=85314] m. the ornament of anything (in comp.) Pan5cat. i , 1 , 92 Katha1s. &c (ifc. f(ā). Ra1jat. iii , 375)
(H2B) tilaka [L=85315] n. id. L.
(H2B) tilaka [L=85316] n. the right lung L.
(H2B) tilaka [L=85317] n. black sochal salt L.
(H2B) tilaka [L=85318] n. alliteration Ra1jat.
(H2B) tilaka [L=85319] n. a metre of 4 x 6 syllables
(H2B) tilaka [L=85320] n. = tri-ślokī L.
(H2B) tilaka [L=85321] n. a kind of observance Ka1lanirn2. Introd. 12

(H4) trí--gu° ṇā-karṇa [p= 458,2] [L=87675] mfn. whose ear-lobes are slit into 3 divisions (as a mark of distinction) Pa1n2. 6-3 , 115 Ka1s3.

(H3) nir--viśeṣa [p= 542,2] [L=107329] mf(ā)n. showing or making no difference , undiscriminating , without distinction MBh. R. &c
[L=107330] not different from , same , like (comp.) Ka1lid.
(H3B) nir--viśeṣa [L=107331] m. (with viśeṣa m. not the least difference Bhartr2. iii , 54)
[L=107332] unqualified , absolute Sarvad.
(H3B) nir--viśeṣa [L=107334] n. absence of difference , indiscriminateness , likeness MBh. vi , 5519

(H3) niṣ--prakāraka [p= 543,2] [L=107577] mfn. without distinction or specification Tarkas.

(H3) pakṣá--bheda [p= 574,1] [L=113160] m. distinction between two sides of an argument
[L=113161] the difference between the two halves of a lunar month MW.

(H3) páry-° āpti [p= 608,1] [L=119808] f. (páry-) end , conclusion S3Br.
[L=119808.1] entireness , fulness , sufficiency MBh. Katha1s. Ra1jat. (cf. Pa1n2. 3-4 , 66)
[L=119808.2] adequacy , competency , fitness for (comp.) Katha1s. Ka1s3. on Pa1n2. 2-3 , 16
[L=119808.3] obtaining , acquisition L.
[L=119808.4] self-defence , warding off a blow L.
[L=119808.5] (in phil.) distinction of objects according to their natural properties W.

(H3) purás--kāra [p= 634,2] [L=125908] m. placing in front , honouring , preference , distinction Ka1v. Hit.
[L=125909] accompanying , attending (ifc. " preceded or accompanied by , joined or connected with , including ") MBh.
[L=125910] arranging , putting in array , making complete W.
[L=125911] attacking , assailing &c ib.

(H3) pūjā--vat [p= 641,2] [L=127403] mfn. enjoying honour or distinction S3am2k.

(H3) pra-° vicāra [p= 691,3] [L=136963] m. distinction , division , species , kind Sus3r.

(H1) bhága [p= 742,3] [L=147581] » [p= 743,2].
(H2) bhága [p= 743,2] [L=147751] m. (ifc. f(ā and ī). g. bahv-ādi) " dispenser " , gracious lord , patron (applied to gods , esp. to savitṛ) RV. AV.
[p= 743,3] [L=147752] N. of an āditya (bestowing wealth and presiding over love and marriage , brother of the Dawn , regent of the nakṣatra uttara-phalgunī ; yāska enumerates him among the divinities of the highest sphere ; according to a later legend his eyes were destroyed by rudra) ib. &c
[L=147753] the nakṣatra uttara-phalgunī MBh. vi , 81
[L=147754] the sun ib. iii , 146
[L=147755] the moon L.
[L=147756] N. of a rudra MBh.
[L=147757] good fortune , happiness , welfare , prosperity RV. AV. Br. Ya1jn5. BhP.
[L=147758] (ifc. f(ā). ) dignity , majesty , distinction , excellence , beauty , loveliness RV. AV. Br. Gr2S. BhP.
[L=147759] (also n. L. ) love , affection , sexual passion , amorous pleasure , dalliance RV. AV. Br. Ka1tyS3r. BhP.
[L=147760] (n. L. ; ifc. f(ā).) the female organs , pudendum muliebre , vulva Mn. MBh. &c
(H2B) bhága [L=147762] n. a partic. muhūrta Cat.
(H2B) bhága [L=147763] n. the perinaeum of males L.
(H2B) bhága [L=147764] mn. = yatna , prayatna , kīrti , yaśas , vairāgya , icchā , jñāna , mukti , mokṣa , dharma , śrī L. [cf. Zd. bagha = Old Pers. baga ; Gk. Βαγαῖος ;Slav. bogu8 , bogatu8 ; Lith. bago4tas , na-ba4gas.] ,

Westergaard Dhatupatha links: 19.2
Whitney Roots links: Bid
(H1) bhid 1 [p= 757,1] [L=150727]
cl.7.P. A1. ( Dha1tup. xix , 2) bhinátti , bhintte (impf. 2. 3. sg. ábhinat RV. ; Subj. bhináadaḥ ib. ; Impv. bindhí ib. ; binddhi Var. [cf. binddhi-lavaṇā] ; cl.1. P. bhédati RV. ; Pot. bhideyam AV. ; pf. bibhéda RV. ; aor. , 2. 3. sg. bhét RV. abhaitsīt R. ; bhitthās TS. ; Prec. bhitsīṣṭa Gr. ; fut. bhetsyáti , °te Br. &c ; Cond. abhetsyat Up. ; fut. bhettā Gr. ; inf. bhéttavaí S3Br. ; bhettum ib. &c ; ind.p. bhittvā́ , -bhidya RV. &c ) , to split , cleave , break , cut or rend asunder , pierce , destroy RV. &c , ;

to pass through (as a planet or , comet) Hariv. Var. ;

to disperse (darkness) R. S3ak. ;

to transgress , violate , (a compact or alliance) MBh. Ka1v. &c ;

to open , expand MaitrUp. Megh. ;

to loosen , disentangle , dissolve MBh. Ka1v. &c ;

to disturb , interrupt , stop ib. ;

to disclose , betray Mn. MBh. &c ;

to disunite , set at variance ib. ;

to distinguish , discriminate L. : Pass. bhidyáte (ep. also °ti aor. abhedi Br. MBh. &c ; pf. bibhide Ka1lid. ) , to be split or broken , burst (intrans.) Br. &c ;

to be opened (as a closed hand , eyes &c ) Ka1v. Pur. ;

to overflow (as water) R. Hariv. ;

to be loosened , become loose Mun2d2Up. Ka1v. ;

to be stopped or interrupted MBh. ;

to be disclosed or betrayed Ka1v. ;

to be changed or altered (in mind) , be won over Ka1v. Pur. ;

to be disunited MBh. ;

to keep aloof from (instr.) ib. ;

to be distinguished , differ from (abl.) Sa1m2khyak. Ka1v. &c : Caus. bhedayati , °te (aor. abībhidat ; cf. also bhidāpana) , to cause to split or break &c ;

to split , break , shatter , crush , destroy MBh. Hariv. Hit. ;

to separate , divide (» bhedita) ;

to disunite , set at variance , perplex , unsettle (in opinion) , seduce , win over MBh. R. : Desid. bíbhitsati , °te , to wish to break through or disperse or defeat RV. MBh. (cf. , bibhitsā): Desid. of Caus. » bibhedayiṣu: Intens. bebhidīti or bebhetti , to cleave repeatedly Bhat2t2. [cf. Lat. findo ; Germ. beissen ; Eng. bite.]

(H2) bhíd 2 [L=150748] mfn. (ifc.) breaking , splitting , piercing , destroying Ka1v. Katha1s. Pur. (cf. aśma- , giri- , tamo- , pura-bhid &c )
(H2B) bhíd 2 [L=150749] f. a wall (= bhitti) RV. i , 174 , 8
(H2B) bhíd 2 [L=150750] f. separation , distinction BhP.
(H2B) bhíd 2 [L=150751] f. a sort , kind , species L.

(H2) bhidā [L=150754] f. splitting , bursting , destroying , destruction Ka1v. (cf. dur-bhida)
[L=150755] separation (» -bhṛt)
[L=150756] distinction , difference Ka1v. BhP.
[L=150757] a kind or species. Sa1h.
[L=150758] coriander L.

(H2) bheda [p= 757,2] [L=150901] &c » p.766.
(H1) bhedá [p= 766,1] [L=152791] m. ( √ bhid) breaking , splitting , cleaving , rending , tearing , piercing (also pass. the being broken &c ) Ka1tyS3r. Ya1jn5. MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=152792] breaking open , disclosing , divulging , betrayal (of a secret cf. rahasya-bh°)
[L=152793] bursting asunder , opening , gaping , parting asunder BhP. Sus3r.
[L=152794] bursting forth or out , expanding , blossoming , shooting out , sprouting Ka1lid. Ba1lar.
[L=152795] a cleft , fissure , chasm (cf. śilā-bh° ; du. pudendum muliebre) RV.
[L=152796] rupture , breach , hurt , injury , seduction Ka1m. MBh. Katha1s.
[L=152797] shooting pain (in the limbs) , paralysis (cf. ardhabh°) Sus3r.
[L=152798] separation , division , partition , part , portion Ka1v. Pur.
[L=152799] distinction , difference , kind , sort , species , variety S3rS. Up. MBh. &c
[L=152800] disturbance , interruption , violation , dissolution RPra1t. Ka1tyS3r. Sa1h.
[L=152801] disuniting , winning over to one's side by sowing dissension (cf. upā*ya) Mn. Ya1jn5. Ka1m.
[L=152802] disunion , schism , dissension between (instr.) or in (comp.) MBh. Var. Ra1jat.
[L=152803] change , alteration , modification MBh. S3ak.
[p= 766,2] [L=152804] contraction (cf. bhrūbh°)
[L=152805] evacuation (of the bowels) S3a1rn3gS.
[L=152806] (in astron.) a partic. crossing or conjunction of the planets
[L=152807] one of the ways in which an eclipse ends (cf. kukṣi-bh°)
[L=152808] (in math.) the hypothenuse of a right-angled triangle
[L=152809] (in dram.) = saṃhati-bhedana , or = pro*tsāhana , Sa1h2. ??
[L=152810] (in phil.) dualism , duality (cf. comp.)
[L=152811] N. of a man AV.
[L=152812] pl. N. of a people RV.

(H3) bhedá--buddhi [L=152831] f. perception or idea of a difference or distinction MW.

(H2) bhedin [L=152870] mfn. breaking , splitting , piercing , perforating MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=152871] beating or knocking out (» dvi-netra-bh°)
[L=152872] shaking , penetrating R.
[L=152873] causing to flow (as juice) MBh.
[L=152874] loosening (the bowels) , cathartic , purgative Sus3r. S3a1rn3gS.
[L=152875] breaking , violating (an agreement &c ) Mn. Ka1m.
[L=152876] interrupting (devotion) Ragh.
[L=152877] disturbing (a country) Katha1s.
[L=152878] dividing , separating from (abl.) Sa1h.
[L=152879] (fr. bheda) having a distinction or division ib.
[L=152880] (in phil.) one who separates spirit and matter or holds the doctrine of dualism
(H2B) bhedin [L=152881] m. Rumex Vesicarius L.

(H3) várṇa--viveka [p= 924,3] [L=187403] m. distinction of sounds , N. of a treatise on the different spelling of nouns.

(H1) ví 1 [p= 949,3] [L=192825] m. (nom. vís or vés acc. vím gen. abl. vés ; pl. nom. acc. váyas [acc. vīn Bhat2t2. ] ; víbhis,víbhyas,vīnā́m) a bird (also applied to horses , arrows , and the maruts) RV. VS. Pan5cavBr , (also occurring in later language).[cf. 1. váyas ; Gk. οἰωνός for ὀϝιωνος ; Lat. a-vis ; accord. tosome Germ. Ei ; Angl.Sax. ae4g ; Eng. egg. ]
(H1) vi 2 [L=192831] n. an artificial word said to be = anna S3Br.
(H1) ví 3 [L=192832] ind. (prob. for an original dvi , meaning " in two parts " ; and opp. to sam q.v.) apart , asunder , in different directions , to and fro , about , away , away from , off , without RV. &c &c In RV. it appears also as a prep. with acc. denoting " through " or " between " (with ellipse of the verb e.g. i , 181 , 5 ; x , 86 , 20 &c ) It is esp. used as a prefix to verbs or nouns and other parts of speech derived from verbs , to express " division " , " distinction " , " distribution " , " arrangement " , " order " , " opposition " , or " deliberation " (cf. vi- √bhid , -śiṣ , -dhā , -rudh , -car , with their nominal derivatives)
[L=192832.1] sometimes it gives a meaning opposite to the idea contained in the simple root (e.g. √ krī , " to buy " ; vi- √krī , " to sell ") , or it intensifies that idea (e.g. √ hiṃs , " to injure " ; vi- √hiṃs , " to injure severely ") . The above 3. ví may also be used in forming compounds not immediately referable to verbs , in which cases it may express " difference " (cf. 1. vi-lakṣaṇa) , " change " or " variety " (cf. vi-citra) , " intensity " (cf. vi-karāla) , " manifoldness " (cf. vi-vidha) , " contrariety " (cf. vi-loma) , " deviation from right " (cf. vi-śīla) , " negation " or " privation " (cf. vi-kaccha , being often used like 3. a,nir ,andnis [qq. vv.] , and like the Lat. dis , se , and the English a , dis , in , un &c )
[L=192832.2] in some cases it does not seem to modify the meaning of the simple word at all (cf. vi-jāmi , vi-jāmātṛ)
[L=192832.3] it is also used to form proper names out of other proper names (e.g. vi-koka , vi-pṛthu , vi-viṃśa). To save space such words are here mostly collected under one article
[L=192832.4] but words having several subordinate compounds will be found s.v.

(H3) ví--cchāya 1 [L=192827] n. (for 2. » [p= 950,2]) the shadow of a flock of birds L. (also f(ā). BhP. )
(H3) ví--cchāya 2 [p= 950,2] [L=193008] mf(ā)n. (for 1. » 1. vi , p.949) destitute of shadow , shadowless MW.
[L=193009] lacking colour or lustre or distinction , pale (-tā f.) Ka1v. Katha1s. BhP.
(H3B) ví--cchāya 2 [L=193010] m. a jewel , gem L.
(H1) vi-cchāya [p= 959,2] [L=194916] 1. 2. » pp. 949 , 950.

(H3) ví--kalpa 1 [p= 950,1] [L=192887] m. (for 2. » under vi- √kḷp) an intermediate kalpa , the interval between two kalpas. (q.v.) BhP.
(H1) vi-kalpa [p= 954,1] [L=193870] &c » under vi- √kḷp.
(H2) vi-kalpa 2 [p= 955,2] [L=194108] m. (for 1. » [p= 950,1]) alternation , alternative , option S3rS. Mn. VarBr2S. &c (°pena ind. " optionally ")
[L=194109] variation , combination , variety , diversity , manifoldness Ka1tyS3r. MBh. &c
[L=194110] contrivance , art Ragh.
[L=194111] difference of perception , distinction Nya1yas. BhP.
[L=194112] indecision , irresolution , doubt , hesitation MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=194113] admission , statement BhP.
[L=194114] false notion , fancy , imagination Yogas. Gi1t.
[L=194115] calculation VarBr2S.
[L=194116] mental occupation , thinking L.
[L=194117] = kalpa-sthāna Car.
[L=194118] a god BhP. (Sch.)
[L=194119] (in rhet.) antithesis of opposites Prata1p.
[L=194120] (in gram.) admission of an option or alternative , the allowing a rule to be observed or not at pleasure (ve*ti vikalpaḥ Pa1n2. 1-1 , 44 Sch.)
[L=194121] a collateral form VarBr2S.
[L=194122] pl. N. of a people MBh. (C. vikalya)
(H2B) vi-kalpa 2 [L=194123] mfn. different BhP.

(H3) vi-° kalpana [L=194135] m. a contriver , composer Cat.
(H3B) vi-° kalpana [L=194136] n. and f(ā). allowing an option or alternative Pan5car. Ka1r. on Pa1n2.
(H3B) vi-° kalpana [L=194137] n. the use of a collateral form VarBr2S. Sch.
(H3B) vi-° kalpana [L=194138] n. distinction (pl. = different opinions) Sarvad.
(H3B) vi-° kalpana [L=194139] n. false notion or assumption , fancy , imagination BhP.
(H3B) vi-° kalpana [L=194140] n. indecision MW.
(H3B) vi-° kalpana [L=194141] n. inconsideration ib.

(H3B) vi-° cāraṇā [p= 958,3] [L=194748] f. distinction , kind Car.
(H3B) vi-° cāraṇā [L=194749] f. N. of the mīmāṃsā system of philosophy W.

(H2) vi-ccheda [p= 959,3] [L=194930] m. cutting asunder , cleaving , piercing , breaking , division , separation Ka1v. Sa1h.
[L=194931] interruption , discontinuance , cessation , end MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=194932] removal , destruction Ra1jat. Katha1s.
[L=194933] (ifc.) injury to Ka1m.
[L=194934] distinction , difference (ifc. also " variety " i.e. different kinds of) MBh. S3am2k. Sarvad.
[L=194935] division of a book , section , chapter W.
[L=194936] space , interval ib.
[L=194937] caesura , pause in a verse Pin3g. Sch.

(H2) ví-bhakti [p= 977,2] [L=198197] f. separation , partition , division , distinction , modification Br. Mn. MBh.
[L=198198] part , portion , share of inheritance &c W.
[L=198199] (in gram.) inflection of nouns , declension , an affix of declension , case (accord. to Pa1n2. " a termination or inflection either of a case or of the persons of a tense " ; certain taddhita affixes which are used like case terminations have also the name vi-bhakti ; in the yājyā formulas esp. the cases of agni are so called) TS. Br. &c
[L=198200] a partic. division of a sāman (= bhakti) S3a1n3khBr. Sch.
[L=198201] a partic. high number Buddh.

(H3) vi-° bhajana [L=198208] n. separation , distinction L.

(H2) vi-bhāgá [L=198213] m. distribution , apportionment RV. AitBr.
[L=198214] partition of patrimony , law of inheritance (one of the 18 titles or branches of law) Mn. Ya1jn5. &c (cf. IW. 261)
[L=198215] a share , portion , section , constituent part of anything Ya1jn5. MBh. &c
[L=198216] division , separation , distinction , difference Nir. Gr2S3rS. &c (ena , separately , singly , in detail ; cf. also yoga-v°)
[L=198217] disjunction (opp. to saṃ-yoga and regarded in nyāya as one of the 24 guṇas) IW. 68
[L=198218] (in arithm.) the numerator of a fraction Col.
[L=198219] N. of śiva R.

(H3) vi-bhāgá---tva [L=198223] n. state of separation or distinction Sarvad.

(H3) vi-° bhājana [p= 977,3] [L=198242] n. division , distinction L.
[L=198243] the act of causing to share or distribute , participation MW.

(H2) vi-bheda [p= 978,1] [L=198352] m. breaking asunder , splitting , piercing , division , separation MBh. R. &c
[L=198353] knitting , contraction (of the brows) Sa1h.
[L=198354] interruption , disturbance Ba1lar.
[L=198355] change , alteration Car.
[L=198356] diverging (in opinion) , dissension , disagreeing with (samam) MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=198357] distinction , variety VarBr2S. Katha1s. BhP.

(H3) vi-vikta---tā [p= 987,3] [L=200122] f. separation , isolation Ra1jat.
(H3) vi-vikta---tā [L=200123] f. clearness , purity Sus3r.
[L=200124] being well , good health ib.
[L=200125] distinction , discrimination L.
[L=200126] an empty or free place , loneliness MW.

(H2) vi-veka [L=200139] m. discrimination , distinction Mn. Sarvad. Sus3r.
[L=200140] consideration , discussion , investigation Gi1t. Ma1rkP. Sarvad.
[L=200141] true knowledge , discretion , right judgement , the faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties ChUp. Kap. &c
[L=200142] (in vedā*nta) the power of separating the invisible Spirit from the visible world (or spirit from matter , truth from untruth , reality from mere semblance or illusion)
[p= 988,1] [L=200143] a water trough (= jala-droṇī) L.
[L=200144] N. of wk.
(H1) vi-veka [p= 989,1] [L=200360] &c » under vi- √vic.

(H3) vi-° vecana [p= 988,1] [L=200188] mf(ī)n. discriminating , distinguishing BhP.
[L=200189] investigating , examining , treating critically Sa1h.
(H3B) vi-° vecana [L=200190] n. the act of discriminating or distinguishing (as truth from falsehood , reality from semblance) , the making a distinction Hariv. Ba1lar. Sarvad. (also f(ā).)
(H3B) vi-° vecana [L=200191] n. investigation , examination , discussion , critical treatment Mn. MBh. &c
(H3B) vi-° vecana [L=200192] n. right judgement Pan5car.

(H3) viśālá--tā [p= 990,1] [L=200531] f. great extent , greatness S3is3.
[L=200531.1] eminence , distinction W.

(H3) vi-śiṣṭa---tā [p= 990,2] [L=200591] f. ( Hit. ) difference , speciality , peculiarity , distinction , excellence , superiority

(H3) vi-śiṣṭa---tva [L=200591.1] n. ( S3am2k. Veda7ntas. ) difference , speciality , peculiarity , distinction , excellence , superiority

(H2) vi-śeṣa [L=200604] m. (once in Pan5cat. n. ; ifc. f(ā).) distinction , difference between (two gen. , two loc. , or gen. and instr.) Gr2S3rS. MBh. &c
[L=200605] characteristic difference , peculiar mark , special property , speciality , peculiarity Mn. MBh. &c
[L=200606] a kind , species , individual (e.g. vṛkṣa-v° , a species of tree , in comp. often also = special , peculiar , particular , different , e.g. chando-v° , " a particular metre " , viśeṣa-maṇḍana , " a peculiar ornament " ; argha-viśeṣāḥ , " different prices ") MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=200607] (pl.) various objects Megh.
[p= 990,3] [p= 990,2] [L=200608] distinction , peculiar merit , excellence , superiority (in comp. often = excellent , superior , choice , distinguished e.g. ākṛti-v° , " an excellent form " ; cf. viśeṣa-pratipatti) Mn. MBh. &c
[L=200609] (in gram.) a word which defines or limits the meaning of another word (cf. vi-śeṣaka and vi-śeṣaṇa)
[L=200610] (in phil.) particularity , individuality , essential difference or individual essence (with the vaiśeṣikas the 5th cate gory or padā*rtha , belonging to the 9 eternal substances or dravyas , viz. soul , time , place , ether , and the 5 atoms of earth , water , light , air , and mind , which are said to be so essentially different that one can never be the other) IW. 66 &c
[L=200611] (in medicine) a favourable turn or crisis of a sickness Sus3r.
[L=200612] (in rhet.) statement of difference or distinction , individualization , variation Kuval. (cf. viśeṣo*kti)
[L=200613] a sectarian mark , any mark on the forehead (= tilaka) L.
[L=200614] (in geom.) the hypotenuse S3ulbas.
[L=200615] N. of the primary elements or mahā-bhūtas (q.v.) MaitrUp.
[L=200616] the earth as an element BhP.
[L=200617] the mundane egg ib.
[L=200618] = virāj ib.
(H2B) vi-śeṣa [L=200620] mf(ā)n. extraordinary , abundant Ragh. ii , 14 (B. viśeṣāt for viśeṣā)
(H1) vi-śeṣa [p= 991,3] [L=200836] &c » [p= 990,2].

(H3) vi-śeṣa---kṛt [p= 990,3] [L=200622] mfn. making a distinction , distinguishing RPra1t.

(H3) vi-śeṣa---tva [L=200632] n. distinction , notion of the particular L.

(H3) vi-śe° ṣā* rtha [L=200675] m. the sense or essence of distinction , difference (am ind. for the sake of difference MW. )

(H3) vi-śe° ṣā* rthin [L=200677] mfn. seeking for excellence or distinction MBh.
[L=200678] particular in searching for anything MW.

(H2) vi-śeṣaka [p= 991,1] [L=200685] mfn. (ifc.) = vi-śeṣa , distinction , difference Bha1sha1p.
[L=200685.05] distinguishing , qualifying , specifying L.
(H2B) vi-śeṣaka [L=200685.1] mn. a mark on the forehead (made with sandal &c ) R. Ma1lav. Katha1s. (cf. pattrav°)
(H2B) vi-śeṣaka [L=200685.15] mn. an attribute , predicate W.
(H2B) vi-śeṣaka [L=200685.2] m. a partic. figure of speech (in which the difference of two objects otherwise said to be similar is dwelt upon ; cf. viśeṣo*kti) Kuval.
(H2B) vi-śeṣaka [L=200685.3] m. N. of a scholar Buddh.
(H2B) vi-śeṣaka [L=200685.4] m. of a country Nalac.
(H2B) vi-śeṣaka [L=200685.6] n. a series of three stanzas forming one grammatical sentence
(H2B) vi-śeṣaka [L=200685.65] n. (cf. yugma and kalāpaka) S3atr.

(H2) vi-śeṣaṇa [L=200686] mfn. distinguishing , discriminative , specifying , qualifying L.
[L=200687] distinctive (as a property) W.
(H2B) vi-śeṣaṇa [L=200688] n. the act of distinguishing &c , distinction , discrimination , particularization BhP. Sarvad. Sa1h.
(H2B) vi-śeṣaṇa [L=200689] n. a distinguishing mark or attribute MBh.
(H2B) vi-śeṣaṇa [L=200690] n. (in gram.) " differencer " , a word which particularizes or defines (another word which is called vi-śeṣya q.v.) , attribute , adjective , adverb , apposition , predicate Pa1n2. Tarkas. Sa1h. &c
(H2B) vi-śeṣaṇa [L=200691] n. a species , kind MBh. vii , 1124
(H2B) vi-śeṣaṇa [L=200692] n. surpassing , excelling ib. i , 73
(H2B) vi-śeṣaṇa [L=200693] n. (in rhet.) = viśeṣo*kti Sa1h.

(H1) vaiśiṣṭa [p= 1026,2] [L=207816] n. (fr. vi-śiṣṭa) distinction , difference (= next) Sa1h. (prob. w.r.)

(H2) vaiśiṣṭya [L=207817] n. endowment with some distinguishing property or attribute , distinction , peculiarity , difference Can2d2. Tarkas. Sa1h. &c
[L=207818] pre-eminence , excellence , superiority MBh. Ka1m. &c

(H1) vaiśeṣika [L=207822] mf(ī)n. (fr. vi-śeṣa , p.990) special , peculiar , specific , characteristic A1past. Sus3r. Bha1sha1p. Hcat.
[L=207823] distinguished , excellent , pre-eminent MBh.
[L=207824] relating or belonging to or based on or dealing with the vaiśeṣika doctrine Bha1sha1p. Madhus.
(H1B) vaiśeṣika [L=207825] m. a follower of the vaiśeṣika doctrine Kap. Kusum. Buddh.
(H1B) vaiśeṣika [L=207826] n. peculiarity , distinction Kan2.
(H1B) vaiśeṣika [p= 1026,3] [L=207827] n. N. of the later of the two great divisions of the nyāya school of philosophy (it was founded by kaṇā*da , and differs from the , " nyāya proper " founded by gautama , in propounding only seven categories or topics instead of sixteen ; and more especially in its doctrine of viśeṣa , or eternally distinct nature of the nine substances , air , fire , water , earth , mind , ether , time , space , and soul , of which the first five , including mind , are held to be atomic) IW. 65 &c

(H2) vaiśeṣya [L=207834] n. peculiarity , specific or generic distinction TPra1t. Sus3r. Veda7ntas.
[L=207835] difference , superiority , pre-eminence Mn. ix , 296 &c

(H3) vy--antara [p= 1028,3] [L=208228] n. (ifc. f(ā).)
[L=208229] absence of distinction Hariv.
[L=208230] an interval Gobh.
(H3B) vy--antara [L=208231] m. " occupying an intermediate position " , (with jainas) N. of a class of gods (including piśācas , bhūtas , yakṣas , rākṣasas , kiṃ-naras , kim-puruṣas , maho*ragas and gandharvas) S3atr. HParis3. Pan5cat. &c

(H3) vy-atirikta---tā [p= 1030,2] [L=208556] f. distinction , difference. ( BhP. )

(H3) vy-atirikta---tva [L=208556.1] n. distinction , difference. ( Sarvad. )

(H2) vy-atireka [L=208558] m. distinction , difference , separateness , separation , exclusion La1t2y. Ka1v. Pur. &c (bhāvo vyatireka-tas , a separate or particular existence ; vī*ta-vyatireka , not separate or particular ; °keṇa ind. or °kāt ind. [or vyatireka ibc.] , with exception of , without)
[L=208559] negation Kap.
[L=208560] contrariety , contrast to (comp.) Ka1m. (°ke ind. , on the contrary supposition)
[L=208561] logical discontinuance (opp. to anvaya q.v.) Bha1sha1p.
[L=208562] (in rhet.) a partic. figure of speech (the contrasting of things compared in some respects with each other) Ka1vya7d. Sa1h. &c ; N. of wk.

(H2) vy-avaccheda [p= 1033,1] [L=208957] m. cutting one's self off from , separation , interruption (» á-vy°)
[L=208957.1] exclusion Sa1h.
[L=208957.2] (ifc.) getting rid of. BhP.
[L=208957.3] distinction , discrimination Sa1h.
[L=208957.4] a division W.
[L=208957.5] letting fly (an arrow) R.

(H3) vy-avasthit° avasthiti [p= 1034,1] [L=209104] f. the being placed apart or kept asunder or distinguished , separation , distinction , difference Bhag. Nya1yam. Sarvad. staying , abiding , perseverance in (instr. or loc.) BhP.
[L=209105] constancy , steadfastness Katha1s.
[L=209106] fixity , fixed rule or statute , decision , determination Mn. Hariv. &c
[L=209107] extracting (?) W.

(H1) vy-ākaraṇa [p= 1035,3] [L=209406] &c » vy-ā- √kṛ.
(H2) vy-ākaraṇa [L=209444] n. separation , distinction , discrimination MBh.
[L=209445] explanation , detailed description ib. Sus3r.
[L=209446] manifestation , revelation MBh. Hariv.
[L=209447] (with Buddhists) prediction , prophecy (one of the nine divisions of scriptures Dharmas. 62) SaddhP. &c
[L=209448] development , creation S3am2k. BhP.
[L=209449] grammatical analysis , grammar Mun2d2Up. Pat. MBh. &c
[L=209450] grammatical correctness , polished or accurate language Subh.
[L=209451] the sound of a bow-string L.

(H3) vy-° ā́kṛti [L=209468] f. separation , distinction S3Br.
[L=209469] detailed description , explanation Sus3r.

(H1) vy-ā- √ vṛt [p= 1039,1] [L=210029]
A1. -vartate (rarely P.) , to become separated or singled out from (instr.) RV. AV. Br. ;

to become separated or distinct , be distinguished as or in some partic. form of. MaitrUp. ;

to turn or wind in different directions , divide (as a road) MBh. ;

to be dispersed (as an army) Hariv. ;

to be opened Sus3r. ;

to turn away from , part with , get rid of (instr. or abl.) Ragh. Katha1s. ;

to diverge from , be inconsistent with (abl.) Sarvad. ;

to go away , depart S3a1ntis3. ;

to come back , return Ratna7v. Ra1jat. ;

to turn round , revolve R. ;

to sink (as the sun) MBh. ;

to come to an understanding or settlement AitBr. ;

to come to an end , cease , perish , disappear MBh. Hariv. &c : Caus. -vartayati (Pass. -vartyate) , to divide , separate from (instr. or abl. ; ind.p. -vartya , " with the exception of " Ba1lar. ) . TBr. &c ;

to free from (instr.) MaitrS. ;

to turn about or round MBh. Ka1d. ;

to keep back , avert R. ;

to throw about , strew MBh. ;

to exchange , substitute one for another Hariv. ;

to lay aside (the staff) R. ;

(with anyathā) to retract (a word) MBh. ;

to remove (pain or distress) Vikr. ;

to destroy or annul (an enemy or a rule) Ragh. xv , 7 : Desid. -vivṛsate , to wish or intend to liberate one's self from or get rid of (abl.) S3Br.

(H2) vy-āvṛ́t [p= 1039,2] [L=210049] f. distinction , superiority , pre-eminence over (gen. or instr.) TS. TBr. Ka1t2h.
[L=210050] cessation TBr.

(H3) vy-° ā́vṛtti [L=210075] f. turning away , turning the back (» avyāvṛ°)
[L=210076] rolling (the eyes) Sus3r.
[L=210077] deliverance from , getting rid of (abl.) TS. S3a1ntis3.
[L=210078] being deprived of , separation or exclusion from S3am2k.
[L=210079] exclusion , rejection , removal Kum. Ka1vya7d. Sa1h. (cf. paraspara-vy°)
[L=210080] discrimination , distinction TS. S3Br.
[L=210081] distinctness (of sound or voice) Ka1t2h.
[L=210082] difference AitBr. Nya1yas. Sch.
[L=210083] cessation , end A1pS3r.
[L=210084] a kind of sacrifice S3Br.
[L=210085] screening (prob. for vy-āvṛti) ib.
[L=210086] praise , eulogium (?) ib.

(H3) śábda--bheda [p= 1053,1] [L=212743] m. " difference or distinction of sounds or words " , N. of a glossary

(H3) śrī--káraṇa [p= 1098,3] [L=222909] mfn. causing glory or distinction MaitrS.
[L=222910] " making the word śrī " , a pen L.
[L=222911] N. of the capital of the Northern kosalas (and residence of king prasena-jit ; it was in ruins when visited by Fa-Hian , not far from the modern Fyzabad) Buddh.

(H3) śrī--kāma [p= 1099,1] [L=222922] mfn. (śrī́) desirous of distinction or glory MaitrS. AitBr.

(H1) śre-mán [p= 1102,2] [L=223722] m. (fr. 2. śrī) distinction , superiority MaitrS. Br.

(H2) bhidā-kara [p= 1331,1] [L=337620] mfn. causing a distinction, Ka1vya7d.