Sadhana - Conjuring up a spirit, guiding well, propitiation, battle, the organ of generation (male or female)

Now, here is an ancient word, well-endowed with complexity and puns.

sā́dhana [p= 1201,1] [L=241522]
(ī or ā)n. leading straight to a goal , guiding well , furthering RV.

comp.) MBh. Ka1v. &c



comp.) Pa1n2. Sch.
sā́dhana [L=241527]
N. of the author of RV. x , 157 (having the patr. bhauvana) Anukr.
sā́dhana [L=241529]
propitiation , worship , adoration L.
sā́dhana [L=241530]
(ifc. f(ā).) the act of mastering , overpowering , subduing Kir. Pan5cat.
sā́dhana [L=241531]
subduing by charms , conjuring up , summoning (spirits &c ) MBh. Katha1s.
sā́dhana [L=241532]
subduing a disease , healing , cure Sus3r. MBh. &c
sā́dhana [L=241533]
enforcing payment or recovery (of a debt) Das3.
sā́dhana [L=241534]
bringing about , carrying out , accomplishment , fulfilment , completion , perfection Nir. MBh. &c
sā́dhana [L=241535]
establishment of a truth , proof , argument , demonstration Ya1jn5. Sa1h. Sarvad.
sā́dhana [L=241536]
reason or premiss (in a syllogism , leading to a conclusion) Mudr. v , 10
sā́dhana [L=241537]
any means of effecting or accomplishing , any agent or instrument or implement or utensil or apparatus , an expedient , requisite for (gen. or comp.) Mn. R. &c
sā́dhana [L=241538]
a means of summoning or conjuring up a spirit (or deity) Ka1lac.
sā́dhana [L=241539]
means or materials of warfare , military forces , army or portion of an army (sg. and pl.) Hariv. Uttar. Ra1jat.
sā́dhana [L=241540]
conflict , battle S3is3.
sā́dhana [L=241541]
means of correcting or punishing (as " a stick " , " rod " &c ) TBr. Sch.
sā́dhana [L=241542]
means of enjoyment , goods , commodities &c R.
sā́dhana [L=241543]
efficient cause or source (in general) L.
sā́dhana [L=241544]
organ of generation (male or female) , sah.
sā́dhana [L=241545]
(in gram.) the sense of the instrumental or agent (as expressed by the case of a noun , opp. to the action itself) Pat.
sā́dhana [L=241546]
preparing , making ready , preparation (of food , poison &c ) Katha1s. Ma1rkP.
sā́dhana [L=241547]
obtaining , procuring , gain , acquisition Ka1v. BhP.
sā́dhana [L=241548]
finding out by calculation , computation Gan2it.
sā́dhana [L=241549]
fruit , result Pan5cat.
sā́dhana [L=241550]
the conjugational affix or suffix which is placed between the root and terminations (= vīharaa q.v.) Pa1n2. 8-4 , 30 Va1rtt. 1
sā́dhana [L=241551]
(only L. " matter , material , substance , ingredient , drug , medicine ; good works , penance , self-mortification , attainment of beatitude ; conciliation , propitiation , worship ; killing , destroying ; killing metals , depriving them by oxydation &c of their metallic properties [esp. said of mercury] ; burning on a funeral pile , obsequies ; setting out , proceeding , going ; going quickly ; going after , following ")
(H2) mf
[L=241523]effective , efficient , productive of (
[L=241525]conjuring up (a spirit)
[L=241526]denoting , designating , expressive of (
(H2B) m.
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