Prasarati-Spreading, diffusion, pervades All

vastuṣu smaryamāṇeṣu dṛṣṭe deśe manas tyajet |
svaśarīraṃ nirādhāraṃ kṛtvā
prasarati prabhuḥ || 119 ||

pra + sarati, spreads?

Prasarati in various usage: stirs forth, pervades, flows forth

pra-sara [p= 697,2] [L=137922]
a » pra-s.
pra-sara [p= 698,2] [L=138097]
(ifc. f(ā).) going forwards , advance , progress , free course , coming forth , rising , appearing , spreading , extension , diffusion Ka1lid. Ka1d. S3am2k. &c
698,2] [L=138098]
698,2] [L=138099]
698,2] [L=138100]
698,2] [L=138101]
Gi1t. BhP.
698,2] [L=138102]
698,2] [L=138103]
698,2] [L=138104]
698,2] [L=138105]
698,2] [L=138106]
698,2] [L=138107]
pra-sarā [p= 698,2] [L=138108]
Paederia Foetida L.
pra-sara [p= 698,2] [L=138109]
(in music) a kind of dance Sam2gi1t.
(H1) pra-sara
(H2) m.
[p= range (of the eye)
[p= prevalence , influence
[p= boldness , courage
[p= a stream , torrent , flood
[p= (in med.) morbid displacement of the humours of the body
[p= multitude , great quantity
[p= a fight , war
[p= an iron arrow
[p= speed
[p= affectionate solicitation
(H2B) f.
(H2B) n.

The garland of letters: studies in the Mantra-sāstra
- 1969 - 353 pages - Snippet view
In this Infinite Calm there arises a metaphysical Point of Stress or Bindu or Ghani- bhuta-Sakti, which stirs forth (Prasarati) as the multiple forces of the universe. This energising is the cause of, and as Jivatma is, ...
Sir John George Woodroffe

Indian semantic analysis: the nirvacana tradition - Page 70
- 1998 - 302 pages - Preview
Thus gati 'a going' is interpreted as jnana and prasarana, and divyati gacchati may be rephrased as divyati jdnati prasarati ca, '(he is called "deva" because he] divyati, that is, understands and pervades'. 44 adare bahuvacanam. ...
Eivind Kahrs

A trident of wisdom - Page 165
- 1989 - 404 pages - Google eBook - Preview
The consciousness that is anuttara (a) and ananda (d) does not expand in the first four spheres (ie r, r, I, /) (na prasarati), of kriyaSakti, for that is an unnamable (andkhyd) state, not being the object of name and form (ndma- rupa). ...
Abhinavagupta (Rājānaka.)

The triadic Heart of Śiva: Kaula tantricism of Abhinavagupta in ... - Page 261
- 1989 - 330 pages - Google eBook - Preview
5: evam kauliko vidhir mama tavad hrdi sarpvidrupatadatmyenavasthitah san athantaram idamparSmarsamahimna prasarati. 18. Ibid., verses 2b-3a and comment, pp. 2-3. 19. Abhinavagupta, MVv 1.888-890; also Abhinavagupta, TA 5.66-67. 20. ...
Paul Eduardo Muller-Ortega

The serpent power: being the Ṣaṭ-cakra-nirūpana and ... - Page 38
, Sir John George Woodroffe, Pūrṇānanda - 1974 - 529 pages - Preview
As this Sakti is Himself, it is He in His Siva-Sakti aspect who comes forth ( Prasarati) and endows Himself with all the forms of worldly life. In the pure, perfect, formless Consciousness there springs up the desire to manifest in the ...
Arthur Avalon

Understanding mantras - Page 261
- 1991 - 540 pages - Preview
... by means of unfeigned, overwhelming elevation (akrtakodyantrta-), the foundation point flies [to one], that is, it flows forth (prasarati).32 The dialectical tact of these lines and their interpretation is remarkable. ...
Harvey P. Alper

The Advaita of art - Page 119
- 1996 - 194 pages - Preview
109. pramodat ratirhi prasarati. From pleasure (in the images) arises love. VSU, 6.15. 1 10. sa esa rupaprajha brahma saksatkara ananda iti. From understanding the image [comes] the very realisation of Brahman. VSU, 6.15 gloss. ...
Harsha V. Dehejia

Vāc: the concept of the word in selected Hindu Tantras - Page 218
- 1990 - 460 pages - Google eBook - Preview
... in fact, especially present on the level of the all-pervading, saiva samanyadhvanirupa svaravyanjanadibhedavibhaktakaradiniyata- varnarupatam prayoktrbhede pi avyabhicaranti prasarati/ tada varna- bhedadivyanjakapranamatrasraya ...
André Padoux