Locana-Brightening, illuminating, the eye

kapālāntar mano nyasya tiṣṭhan mīlitalocanaḥ |
krameṇa manaso dārḍhyāt lakṣayet laṣyam uttamam || 34 ||

locana [p= 907,3] [L=183580]
illuminating , brightening BhP.
locana [p= 907,3] [L=183581]
N. of an author Cat.
locana [p= 907,3] [L=183582]
(ā or ī). N. of a Buddhist goddess Dharmas. 4
locanī [p= 907,3] [L=183583]
a species of plant L.
locana [p= 907,3] [L=183584]
(ifc. f(ā).) " organ of sight " , the eye MBh. Ka1v. &c
locana [p= 907,3] [L=183585]
N. of wk.
(H2) mfn.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) f
(H2B) f.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: etymologically and philologically ... - Page 481
- 2005 - 1333 pages - Preview
Dipa- yat, mfn. illuminating, inflaming, W. DipikS, f. of dipaka, qv — tika, f. N. of a Comm. — taila, n. the oil of Ptychotis Ajowan, Susr. ... locana, m. ' having glittering eyes,' a cat, L. — loha, n. the shining metal, ...
Sir Monier Monier-Williams

To see the Buddha: a philosopher's quest for the meaning of emptiness - Page 139
- 1994 - 262 pages - Preview
The words dlnka and locana can mean either illumination or vision, and darsana can mean either to see or to show. Bhavaviveka seems to play directly on the meaning of these words only once in the account of his own philosophy, ...
Malcolm David Eckel

locana--traya-patha [p= 907,3] [L=183589]
the range of the three eyes (of śiva) Ratna7v.
(H3) m.

locanā* nanda [p= 907,3] [L=183599]
delight of the eye Katha1s.
(H3) m.

locanā* pāta [p= 907,3] [L=183600]
" eye-fall " , a glance Katha1s.
(H3) m.