Mula-Root, firmly fixed, bottom of anything, root of any plant or tree, basis, foundation

āmūlāt kiraṇābhāsāṃ sūkṣmāt sūkṣmatarātmikam |
cintayet tāṃ dviṣaṭkānte śyāmyantīm bhairavodayaḥ || 28 ||

mū́la [p= 826,2] [L=166324]
(or m. g. ardharcā*di ; ifc. f(ā or ī). ; prob. for 3. mū́ra » above ) " firmly fixed " , a root (of any plant or tree ; but also fig. the foot or lowest part or bottom of anything) RV. &c (mūlak or bandh , to take or strike root)

esp. of Arum Campanulatum , of long pepper , and of Costus Speciosus or Arabicus) L.


mama mūtam = to my side) R.

mūlād ārabhya or ā mūlāt , from the beginning ; mūlāt , from the bottom , thoroughly ; mūla kramataś ca , right through from beginning DivyA7v. ) Mn. MBh. &c (ibc.= chief principal cf. below ; ifc. = rooted in , based upon , derived from)


opp. to " interest ") Sa1mavBr. Prab.

opp. to the commentary or gloss) R. Katha1s. Sus3r.

Mn. vii , 184

opp. to the rightful) owner Mn. viii , 202



partic. position of the fingers (= mūta-bandha) Pan5car.

mū́la [L=166338]
also m. and f(ā). N. of the 17th (or 19th) lunar mansion AV. &c
mū́la [L=166339]
herbs for horses , food DivyA7v.
mū́la [L=166340]
N. of sadā-śiva Cat.
mū́la [L=166343]
original , first Cat.
mū́la [L=166344]
= nija , own , proper , peculiar L.
(H2) n.
[L=166325]a radish or the root of various other plants (
[L=166326]the edge (of the horizon)
[L=166327]immediate neighbourhood (
[L=166328]basis , foundation , cause , origin , commencement , beginning (
[L=166329]a chief or principal city
[L=166330]capital (as
[L=166331]an original text (as
[L=166332]a king's original or proper territory
[L=166333]a temporary (as
[L=166334]an old or hereditary servant , a native inhabitant
[L=166335]the square root
[L=166337]a copse , thicket
(H2B) n.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) mfn.
(H2B) mfn.

mūlā* dhāra [p= 827,1] [L=166479]
N. of a mystical circle situated above the generative organs Pan5car. A1nand.

(H3) n.
[L=166480]the navel

(this looks like a mistake - it should read, below the generative organs - right?)


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Visionary fictions: apocalyptic writing from Blake to the modern age - Page 125
Edward J. Ahearn - 1996 - 198 pages - Preview
Gende Reader, we see God through our assholes in the flash bulb of orgasm. . . . Through these orifices transmute your body. . . . The way OUT is the way IN. 3. a. Wl This is the only positive religious passage in the book, ...

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mū́la--karman [L=166345]
" root-machination " , employment of roots for magical purposes Mn. ix , 290 &c (also °ma-kriyā f. MBh. )
(H3) n.
mū́la--kcchra [L=166349]
n. " root-austerity " , a kind of penance , living solely on root Vishn2.
(H3) m.
mū́la--kṛ́t [L=166350]
preparing root (for magical uses) AV.
(H3) mfn.
mū́la--khānaka [L=166352]
" root-digger " , one who digs for root , a collector of root Mn.
(H3) m.
mū́la--gua [L=166353]
" root-multiplier " , the co-efficient of a root (in alg.) MW.
(H3) m.
mū́la--gua---jāti [L=166354]
assimilation and reduction of the root's co-efficient with a fraction ib.
(H4) f.
mū́la--cchinna [L=166357]
(ā)n. cut away with the root , i.e. gone , lost (as hope) Das3.
(H3) mf
mū́la--ccheda [L=166358]
cutting away the root , cutting up by the root MBh. VarBr2S.
(H3) m.
mū́la--ja [L=166359]
" root-born " , growing from a root L.

mū́la--ja [L=166361]
a plant growing from a root (as a lotus) W.
mū́la--ja [L=166362]
green ginger L.
(H3) mfn.
[L=166360]formed at the roots of trees
(H3B) m.
(H3B) n.

un-mūla 1 [p= 194,3] [L=34043]
ud-mū°) mfn. eradicated , pulled up by the root AitBr. R. Prab.
unmūla 2 [L=34044]
P. unmūlati , to be eradicated Shad2vBr. : Caus. P. unmūlayati , to eradicate , pull up by the roots  ; 
to destroy , extirpate
MBh. Pan5cat. Katha1s. Prab. &c
(H1) (
(H2) Nom.

jihvā́--mūlá [L=79514]
the root of the tongue AV. i , 34 , 2 Pra1t.

ā Pa1n2. 4-3 , 62.
(H3) n.
jihvā́--° mūlīya [L=79516]
(iv , 3 , 62) belonging to or uttered from the root of the tongue (viz. , , the guttural class of consonants , but esp. the visarga before k and kh) Pra1t. Pa1n2. 8-3 , 37 Va1rtt. 1.
(H3) mfn.

tan--mūla---tva [p= 435,1] [L=82214]
the being based in that Gaut. vi , 22

Ka1m. xvi , 37.
(H4) n.
[L=82215]the being its root