Sanskrit Words for Gallop

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1 ardhapulāyita (gallop) 2 āskandita (gallop) 3 āskanditaka (gallop) 4 utphāla (gallop) 5 upakaṇṭha (gallop) 6 kṣipaṇi (gallop) 7 taraṃga (gallop) 8 tvaṅg (gallop) 9 palāyita (gallop) 10 pulāyita (gallop) 11 valgita (gallop) 12 vikrānti (gallop) 13 viplāva (gallop) 14 vyāvalg (gallop) 15 samutphāla (gallop)

ardhá--pulāyita [p= 92,2] [L=16206]
a half-gallop , canter.
(H3) n.
ā-skandita [p= 161,1] [L=28106]
subject to or burdened with
ā-skandita [L=28107]
(am) a horse's gallop L.
(H2) mfn.
(H2B) n.
ā-skanditaka [L=28107.1]
(°akam) a horse's gallop L.
(H2B) n.
ut-phāla [p= 181,3] [L=31821]
a spring , jump , leap

(H2) m.
upa-kaṇṭha [p= 195,1] [L=34075]
being upon the neck or near the throat

Kum. Pan5cat. Ragh.
upa-kaṇṭha [L=34077]
proximity , neighbourhood , contiguous space Katha1s. Ra1jat. &c
upa-kaṇṭha [L=34078]
space near a village or its boundary L.
upa-kaṇṭha [L=34079]
a horse's gallop L.
(H1) mfn.
[L=34076]being in the proximity of , proximate , near
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
kipaí [p= 329,1] [L=59513]
" moving speedily " , gallop ([ NBD. ]) RV. iv , 40 , 4



mantra L.

adhvaryu L.

Comm. on L. (also °ī f. ib.)
(H2) f.
[L=59514]a missile weapon
[L=59515]a kind of net
[L=59518]an oar
tara-ga 1 [p= 438,3] [L=83051]
(fr. taram ind.t) " across-goer " , a wave , billow R. iv , 41 , 29ff. Jain. Sus3r. S3ak. &c (ifc. f(ā). Pan5cat. Katha1s. lxxii)

N. a word like " sea " or " river " (e.g. of Katha1s. and Ra1jat. )

Hariv. 4298 Gi1t. xii , 2o

Un2. Sch.

ut- , carma-.
taraga 2 [L=83061]
°gati , to move like a billow , wave about , move restlessly to and fro Ka1d. vi , 1644 (Pass. p. °gyamāa) Gi1t. ii , 8  ; 
cf. ut-.
tara-ga [p= 439,2] [L=83207]
» [p= 438,3].
(H2) m.
[L=83052]a section of a literary work that contains in its
[L=83053]a jumping motion , gallop , waving about , moving to and fro
[L=83054]cloth , clothes
(H2) Nom.
(H1) &c
Whitney Roots links: tvaNg
tvag [p= 463,3] [L=88990]
gati , to wave , tremble , jump , leap , gallop Das3. x , 36 Ba1lar. viii , 77 Katha1s. xviii , 7 ; lxxxv , 11  ; 
to flare
Vcar. xviii , 81.
(H1) cl.1.
pálā* yita [p= 610,1] [L=120191]
flown , fled , defeated TS. Katha1s. &c
pálā* yita [L=120192]
gallop L. (v.l. pul°).
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) n.
pulāyita [p= 638,1] [L=126701]
a horse's gallop L. (cf. ardha-p°).
(H2) n.
valgita [p= 928,2] [L=188212]
leaped , jumped. gone by bounds or leaps (n. impers.) Hariv. VarBr2S.

Ka1vya7d. BhP.

valgita [L=188215]
a bound , jump , spring , gallop of a horse MBh. R.
valgita [L=188216]
motion , gesture Bhar.
valgita [L=188217]
leaping for joy MBh. S3is3.
valgita [L=188218]
shaking , fluttering BhP.
(H2) mfn.
[L=188213]fluttering , moving to and fro
[L=188214]sounding well
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
ví-krānti [p= 955,3] [L=194246]
stepping or striding through , striding everywhere i.e. all-pervading power TS. TBr. S3Br.


(H2) f.
[L=194247]a horse's gallop
[L=194248]heroism , prowess , courage , strength , might
vi-° plāva [p= 976,3] [L=198056]
a horse's canter or gallop L.



(H3) m.
[L=198059]causing tumult or public disturbance
vy-ā- √ valg [p= 1039,1] [L=210003]
-valgati , to jump about , bound or leap from one place to another Ba1lar.  ; 
to gallop
Uttarar.  ; 
to quiver , throb , be agitated (as a bosom)
(H1) P.
sam-utphāla [p= 1166,2] [L=235192]
a jump , canter , gallop L.
(H1) m.