Varna - covering, also color or a letter, sound, vowel, syllable, word, a musical note

varṇasya savisargasya visargāntaṃ citiṃ kuru |
nirādhāreṇa cittena spṛśed brahma sanātanam || 91 ||

varṇasya = of a letter

vára [p= 924,2] [L=187290]
(or n. g. ardharcā*di , prob. fr. √1. v ; ifc. f(ā).) a covering , cloak , mantle L.

Ya1jn5. iii , 99

RV. &c

esp.) good colour or complexion , lustre , beauty Mn. MBh. &c

MBh. Ka1v. &c

RV. &c

RV. esp. applied to the āryas and the dāsas ; but more properly applicable to the four principal classes described in manu's code , viz. Brahmans , katriyas , vaiśyas , and śūdras ; the more modern word for " caste " being jāti ; cf. IW. 210 n. 1) ib.

Br. Pra1t. &c

MBh. R. Pan5cat.


Mr2icch. Kum. Ra1jat.

alg.) an unknown magnitude or quantity

arithm.) the figure , " one "

accord. to some) a co-efficient

L. (cf. -tāla)



Sa1y. on RV. i , 104 , 2
vára [L=187308.1]
saffron L. [cf. accord. to some , Slav. vranu8 , " black " , " a crow " ; Lith. vA7rnas , " a crow. "]
vara [p= 1332,1] [L=339160]
(H2) m.
[L=187291]a cover , lid
[L=187292]outward appearance , exterior , form , figure , shape , colour
[L=187293]colour of the face , (
[L=187294]colour , tint , dye , pigment (for painting or writing)
[L=187295]colour = race , species , kind , sort , character , nature , quality , property (applied to persons and things)
[L=187296]class of men , tribe , order , caste (prob. from contrast of colour between the dark aboriginal tribes and their fair conquerors ; in
[L=187297]a letter , sound , vowel , syllable , word
[L=187298]a musical sound or note (also applied to the voice of animals)
[L=187299]the order or arrangement of a song or poem
[L=187300]praise , commendation , renown , glory
[L=187304]a kind of measure
[L=187306]a religious observance
[L=187307]one who wards off , expeller
(H2B) n.
(H2) (in

vára--krama [p= 924,2] [L=187312]
order or succession of colours Ka1tyS3r. Sch.

°mea ind. according to the order of castes) Prab.


partic. krama or method of reciting Vedic texts (» under krama) TPra1t.
(H3) m.
[L=187313]order of castes (
[L=187314]order or series of letters , alphabetical arrangement , alphabet
vára--dīpikā [p= 924,3] [L=187347]
" letter-explainer " , N. of wk. on the mystical meaning of letters.
(H3) f.
vára--deśanā [L=187351]
" instruction in letters " , N. of a treatise (by deva-kīrti on the proper spelling of words with certain cognate consonants , such as ś , , s ; j and y ; gh and h) , and of some similar works.
(H3) f.
vára--buddhi [L=187370]
the idea or notion connected with partic. letters or sounds Sarvad.
(H3) f.
vára--bhairava [L=187375]
or n. (?) N. of wk. on the terrible importance of the mystical meaning of letters.
(H3) m.
vára--maya [L=187377]
(ī)n. consisting of colours , MW.

(H3) mf
[L=187378]consisting of symbolical letters or sounds
vára--mālā [L=187383]
order or series of letters (esp. rows of letters written on a board or in a diagram) , the alphabet L.
(H3) f.
vára--rāśi [L=187387]
" multitude or series of letters " , the alphabet RPra1t. , Introd. Sarvad.
(H3) m.
vára--saghāa [p= 925,1] [L=187421]
Pat. ) m. " assemblage or aggregate of letters " , the alphabet.
(H3) (
vára--saghāta [L=187422]
Pat. ) m. " assemblage or aggregate of letters " , the alphabet.
(H3) (
vára--samāmnāya [L=187423]
VPra1t. &c ) m. " assemblage or aggregate of letters " , the alphabet.
(H3) (
varā* tman [L=187429]
" consisting of sounds or letters " , a word L.

(H3) m.