Why Do Women Need Female-Friendly Meditation?

If you want to thrive in meditation and get the benefits, you will customize everything about the practices to fit your individuality. Everything – the focus you use, the length of time in minutes that you meditate, your posture, the way you handle emotions and sensations, and how you end a meditation.

The opposite is also true: to the extent you do not take the initiative and modify the teachings so that they are yours, you are 95% likely to be dooming yourself to failure. In the modern world we have inherited an incredible wealth of techniques and traditions of meditation. Now our chore is to sort through these tens of thousands of meditation techniques and discern which ones are healthy for our bodies today.

In a way, it is absurd that the question needs to be asked! Of course women need techniques designed for women – just like there are women's shoes of all kinds, and women's clothes.

Go to any meditation group in America. Most of the time, most of the people there will be women. In my experience, it's been about 70% women since I began in 1968. Meditation needs to be remodeled to suit the needs of women – the language needs to be relational, life-affirming, sensual, earthy, rhythmic, and flowing.

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