śikhipakṣaiś citrarūpair ma.ṅdalaiḥ śūnyapañcakam |
dhyāyato 'nuttare śūnye praveśo
hṛdaye bhavet || 32 |
hṛ́d [p= 1302,2] [L=263665]
(optionally substituted for hdaya in the weak cases i.e. in all except the first five inflexions ; thought to be connected with śrad q.v.) the heart (as the seat of feelings and emotions) , soul , mind (as seat of thought and intellectual operations ; hdy avedin , " having no capacity of knowledge in the heart or mind " , said of animals) , breast , chest , stomach , interior (also in older language , " interior of the body ") RV. &c &c [cf. Gk. καρδία , κραδίη ; Lat. cor (cordis) ; Germ. Herz ; Eng. heart.]
(H1) n.
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frequently in this sense in the Rg Veda, eg atma te vdto raja a navinot pasur na bhurnir yavase sasavan (RV. VII. 87. ... esa ma dtmdntar hrdaye jydydn prthivydh , jydydn antariksdj jydydn divah, jyaydn ebhyo lokebhyah (Ch. Up. III. 14. ...
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hṛ́d--ambhoja [L=263666]
a lotus-like heart Katha1s.
(H3) n.
hṛ́d--āmaya [L=263667]
sickness of heart Car.
(H3) m.
hṛ́d--utkleda [L=263669]
sickness of heart or stomach , nausea Sus3r.
(H3) m.
hṛ́d--utkleśa [L=263670]
sickness of heart or stomach , nausea Sus3r.
(H3) m.
hṛ́d--gata [L=263672]
gone to or being in the heart MBh. R. &c


hṛ́d--gata [L=263675]
design , meaning , intent ib.
(H3) mfn.
[L=263673]cherished , dear , pleasant , agreeable
[L=263674]come to mind , conceived , designed
(H3B) n.
hṛ́d--gama [L=263677]
going to the heart Sam2ska1rak.
(H3) mfn.
hṛ́d--graha [L=263681]
" heart-seizure " , spasm of the heart Car.
(H3) m.
hṛ́d--ghaana [L=263682]
a partic. disease of the heart (perhaps w.r. for -ghaṭṭana) ib.
(H3) n.
hṛ́d--dāha [L=263683]
heart-burning ib.
(H3) m.
hṛ́d--deśa [L=263684]
the region of the heart W.
(H3) m.
hṛ́d--dyótana [L=263687]
(cf. √3. dyut) breaking or crushing the heart ib.
(H3) mfn.
hṛ́d--drava [L=263688]
too rapid throbbing of the heart , too quick pulsation Car.
(H3) m.
hṛ́d--dvāra [L=263689]
the entrance into the heart , Amr2itUp.
(H3) n.
hṛ́d--dhita [L=263691]
(for -hita) , beneficial to the heart or stomach L.
(H3) mfn.
hṛ́d--balá [L=263692]
subduing (i.e. hitting) the heart (said of a bow) AV.
(H3) mfn.
hṛ́d--ruj [L=263694]
a kind of disease L.

lit. and fig.) , sorrow , grief BhP.
(H3) f.
[L=263695]heart-ache (
hṛ́d--rogá---vairin [L=263698]
" hostile to heart-ache " , Pentaptera Arjuna L.
(H4) m.
hṛ́d--ro° gin [L=263699]
suffering from heart-ache Sus3r.
(H4) mfn.
hṛ́d--vaṇṭaka [L=263701]
" dividing the heart or chest " , the stomach L.
(H3) m.
hṛ́d--vartin [L=263702]
dwelling in the heart Jain.
hd-vartin [p= 1303,2] [L=263913]
» [p= 1302,2].
(H3) mfn.
(H1) &c
hṛ́d--vyathā [p= 1302,2] [L=263704]
beating of the heart Va1gbh.
(H3) f.
hṛ́d--vraa [L=263705]
a heart-wound , heart-sore L.
(H3) m.
hc--chaya [L=263707]
(for -śaya) lying or abiding in the heart (with muni-purāa , " the eternal Monitor in the heart " , i.e. " the conscience ") MBh. BhP.
hc--chaya [L=263708]
" heart-dweller " , kāma-deva or love ib.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
hc--cha° * viṣṭa-cetana [L=263711]
having a heart penetrated by love ib.
(H4) mfn.
hc--chūla [L=263712]
n. (for -śūla) heart-pain , (prob.) spasm of the heart Car. Sus3r.
(H3) m.
hj--ja [p= 1302,3] [L=263716]
arisen or being in the heart L.
(H3) mfn.
ht--kampa [L=263719]
heart-throb , palpitation L.
(H3) m.
ht--tás [L=263720]
from the heart RV.
(H3) ind.
ht--tāpa [L=263721]
heart-pain , a pang MBh. BhP.
(H3) m.
ht--pakaja [L=263723]
the heart compared to a lotus-flower Bhag.
(H3) n.
ht--piṇḍa [L=263726]
" heart-mass " , the heart W.
(H3) n.
ht--pīana [L=263727]
oppression of the heart Sus3r.
(H3) n.
ht--pīā [L=263728]
oppression of the heart Sus3r.
(H3) f.
ht--prátiṣṭha [L=263731]
standing or dwelling in the heart VS.
(H3) mfn.
ht--priya [L=263732]
dear to the heart L.
(H3) mfn.
ht--stambha [L=263733]
paralysis of the heart Car.
(H3) m.
ht--tha [L=263734]
standing or abiding in the heart Bhag.
(H3) mfn.
ht--sphoa [L=263735]
breaking of the heart , broken heart Katha1s.
(H3) m.
ht--sphoam [L=263736]
(to die) of a broken heart Prab.
(H4) ind.
htsv--ás [L=263738]
(fr. √2. as) throwing into the heart RV.
(H3) mfn.
hda-sáni [L=263741]
(fr. acc. of prec. or of a masc. or fem. hd) winning the heart of (gen.) RV. (others " giving heart to " , " encouraging " , " inspiring ") .
(H2) mfn.