devadeva māhadeva paritṛptāsmi śaṅkara |
rudrayāmalatantrasya sāram adyāvadhāritam || 161 |

tptá [p= 454,1] [L=86736]
satiated , satisfied with (gen. instr. , or in comp.) AV. S3Br. &c
tptá [L=86738]
N. of a metre RPra1t. xvii , 5.
(H2) mfn.
(H2B) n.
tṛ́pti--mat [L=86753]
satisfied , finding satisfaction in (loc.) ChUp. vii , 10 , 2 Rudray. ii , i , 4.
(H3) mfn.

Tripta Usage

The Hindu secrets of love: Rati rahasya of Pandit Kokkoka
- 1965 - 140 pages - Snippet view
Triptiyoga. (Sexual) satisfaction. Tuchchha. Small. Turiya. Fourth Uchcharata. Sexual congress wherein the size, duration and libido of the male is more than that of the female. Uchchhuna. Raised up. Uchchhunaka. ...

Aspects of Tantra Yoga
- 2007 - 162 pages - Snippet view
Being endowed with divine freedom, the Supreme Lord, who is full-in-Himself ( paripurna), feels Himself ever self-satisfied and self- contented (trpta) so that the does not feel the necessity of moving out. This aspect of His divine ...
Debabrata Sen Sharma

The Pratyabhijñā philosophy - Page 23
- 2002 - 165 pages - Preview
... omnipotence, omniscience, being eternally self- satisfied (nitya-trpta) , eternality and omnipresence. ... If a person resorts to a spiritual teacher and performs penance, yoga etc., he can get rid of kdrma (pertaining to ...
Ganesh Vasudeo Tagare

The Vedanta kesari: Volume 55
- 1968 - Snippet view
Yoga-Maya, by the power of his consciousness, Force put out in self- manifestation'.7 Here his view is identical with ... It is ever- fulfilled ( nitya-trpta) . It is the object (which ultimately means nothing but avidya or ignorance) ...
Sri Ramakrishna Math (Madras, India)