Murdha-Head, forehead, spiritual exaltation

tayāpūryāśu mūrdhāntaṃ bhaṅktvā bhrūkṣepasetunā |
nirvikalpaṃ manaḥ kṛtvā sarvordhve sarvagodgamaḥ || 31 ||


mūrdha 1 [L=166278]
comp. for mūrdhan.
mūrdha 2 [p= 826,2] [L=166311]
ifc.) = mūrdhan the head (cf. dvi and tri-mūrdha).


(H2) (


mūrdhán [p= 826,1] [L=166271]
( Un2. i , 158) the forehead , head in general , skull , (fig.) the highest or first part of anything , top , point , summit , front (of battle) , commencement , beginning , first , chief (applied to persons) RV. &c , &c , (mūrdhni with √ vt &c , to be above everything , prevail ; with √ dh , or ā- = mūrdhnā √1. k , to place on the head , hold in high honour)

geom. ; opp. to agra ; perhaps w.r. for budhna) Col.

sthānas or places of utterance) Pa1n2. 1-1 , 9 Sch.

N. of a state of spiritual exaltation DivyA7v.


[L=166272]the base (in
[L=166273](in gram.) the roof or top of the palate (as one of the 8
[L=166274](with Buddhists) " the summit " ,

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: etymologically and philologically ... - Page 826
Sir Monier Monier-Williams - 2005 - 1333 pages - Preview
(Un. i, 158) the forehead, head in general, skull, (fig.) the highest or first part of anything, top, point, summit, ... Murdha (ifc.) - murdhan, the head (cf. dvi- and tri-murdlia). Murdhaka, m. a Kshatriya, L. Murdhanya, mfn. being on ...


mūrdha--ga [L=166282]
sitting down on a person's head Ka1v.




mūrdha--ja [L=166284]
" head-born " , the hair of the head MBh. Ka1v. &c


of a cakravartin Buddh.


m. pl.
[L=166285]the mane


mūrdha--tás [L=166288]
out of the head , on , the head MaitrS. AV.




mūrdha--dhara [L=166290]
(ā)n. supporting the head




mūrdha--dharā [L=166291]
(with sirā) a vessel or vein which terminates in the head Bhpr.




mūrdha--piṇḍa [L=166293]
the lump on the head (of an elephant in rut) L.




mūrdha--bhinna [L=166295]
mūrdhá-) mfn. one who has his head cleft Suparn2.




mūrdha--veṣṭana [L=166297]
" head-covering " , a turban , diadem L.




mūrdha--sahitá [L=166298]
(ā)n. attached or fastened to the head S3Br.




mūrdhā* nta [L=166300]
the crown of the head Katha1s.




mūrdhā* bhiikta [L=166301]
having the head sprinkled , anointed , consecrated MBh.

mūrdhā* bhiikta [L=166303]
a consecrated king Ka1v. Pur.
mūrdhā* bhiikta [L=166304]
a man of the katriya or warrior caste L.
mūrdhā* bhiikta [L=166305]
a royal counsellor , minister L.
mūrdhā* bhiikta [L=166306]
a partic. mixed caste ( = mūrdhā*vasikta) Ya1jn5. (v.l.)


[L=166302]universally , acknowledged (as a rule or example)
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.


mūrdhā* bhieka [L=166307]
" head-sprinkling " , consecration , inauguration Ra1jat.




mūrdhanya [L=166313]
being on or in the head , belonging to the head , capital Kaus3. Ka1v. Pur.

N. of a class of letters (the so-called " cerebrals " or " linguals " , viz. , , , h , , h , , r , ) Pra1t. Pa1n2.



[L=166314]" formed on the roof or top of the palate " ,
[L=166315]highest , uppermost , pre-eminent

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: etymologically and philologically ... - Page 460
Sir Monier Monier-Williams - 2005 - 1333 pages - Preview
Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Heat, i, II, 547 ; m. the sun (cf. trayl-deha), 8, aal ; a Buddha, L. ; one of the 8 Vidyesvaras, 8, 406 ; 1 1, 857 ; ii, 1941 ; Saktir.v; {°tita) Sarvad. vii, 75. — murdha, mfn. three-headed, Pan. v f. ...

Vihaṅgama Yoga, the science of consciousness: with Sanskrit text ...
Madan Mohan Rai - 1992 - 288 pages - Snippet view
The top of the crown (Murdha) which is the controlling point is called the region of Sunya; ... This point as per Santamata is located in the tenth door ( Murdha) which is beyond the Microfined "Pineal" and is charged by the seven pranas ...

Science of soul: a practical exposition of ancient method of ...
Yogeshwranand Saraswati (Swami) - 1972 - 249 pages - Snippet view
Vishuddha Chakra. This chakra is above the heart, in the region of the throat, near the thyroid gland and within the trachea or sound-box. ... Murdha-Jyotishi Siddha-Darshanam (Yoga Sutras III-3 2).— 'j^>firfa firastf^' (*ftro \-\\). ...