Saubhagyam- Highest fortune, Prosperity happiness due to good fortune, spiritual realization, happiness in marriage, lucky in love

saúbhāgya [p= 1253,2] [L=253550]
(fr. su-bhaga) welfare , good luck , good fortune , success , prosperity , happiness (esp. conjugal felicity) RV. &c

MBh. R. &c






Yogas. L.
saubhāgya [p= 1253,3] [L=253623]
» col.2.
(H2) n.
[L=253551]beauty , charm , grace , loveliness
[L=253552]affection , favour
[L=253553]congratulation , good wishes
[L=253554]red lead
[L=253556]a kind of plant
[L=253557]the fourth of the astronomical
(H1) &c

sa--bhāgya [p= 1151,2] [L=232883]
(ā)n. having good fortune , fortunate Hariv. R. Ma1rkP.
(H3) mf

The secret of the three cities: an introduction to Hindu Śākta ... - Page 186
Douglas Renfrew Brooks, Bhāskararāya - 1990 - 307 pages - Preview
(saubhagyam), knowledge (jndnci), the eight types of empowerment, and the ability to fly. A brahman should drink liquor in the sautramani [sacrifice which is part of the Vedic soma sacrifice] and at the time of ritual worship (kulacara ) ...

Vishveshvaranand Indological journal: Volume 28
Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Institute, Vishveshvaranand Vishva Bandhu Institute of Sanskrit and Indological Studies - 1990 - Snippet view
The synonyms of saubhagyam are also disqualified. Our analysis will proceed with the following set of words which contrast with each ... The term saubhagyam differs from others as it specifies that happiness is due to good fortune,*, g. ...
Viṣṇudharmāḥ: precepts for the worship of Viṣṇu: Part 3
Reinhold Grünendahl - 1989 - Snippet view
... 'hlado hy atmanas tatha 100.54 saubhagyam abhijayate 47.6 saubhagyam carurupatam 84.27 saubhagyam rupam uttamam 54.3 saubhagyam svajananam sa 6.7 saubhagyarogyadam tatha 89.48 saumantugrayanagras ca 44.12 saumyakruresu vastusu 40.12 ...
Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Purāṇas: Volume 1; Volume 5 - Page 123
Swami Parmeshwaranand, Parmeshwaranand (Swami.) - 2001 - 1118 pages - Full view
Kamojevaji Enjoyment of women (Stri-saubhagyam). 8. Tubhyamevajavima Equal to thousands sacrifices (Ayuta-homa-tulyam). 9. ... Yathamrgavati Enjoyment of women (Stri saubhagyam). 17. Yenapehadisa Birth of children (Grabha-labha). 18. ...

. . and
conjugal felicity!
A Sanskrit reader: text and vocabulary and notes - Page 168
Charles Rockwell Lanman - 1996 - 405 pages - Preview
... 2320, 21"; varam da, grant a wish; gapam da, (give, ie) pronounce a curse; saubhagyam da, (give, ie) wish conjugal felicity; da, (give, ie) sell, it. insfr . of price, 47 ' ; uttaram da, make answer ; graddham da, perform a graddha, ...

Mallanaga Vatsyayana, Wendy Doniger, Sudhir Kakar - 2009 - 304 pages - Snippet view
See Sternbach, Texts about Courtesans. .3.22 'Luck in love', literally 'good luck' (saubhagyam), is a term used in the Kamasutra in the technical sense of the good luck of being loved, particularly of a woman's luck in being loved by ...

saúbhāgya--vat [p= 1253,2] [L=253585]
endowed with beauty Sa1y.

(H3) mfn.
[L=253586]possessing good fortune , auspicious , fortunate