Manas - the instrument through which objects of sense affect the soul

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kapālāntar mano nyasya tiṣṭhan mīlitalocanaḥ |
manaso dārḍhyāt lakṣayet laṣyam uttamam || 34 ||
mánas [L=156776]
mind (in its widest sense as applied to all the mental powers) , intellect , intelligence , understanding , perception , sense , conscience , will RV. &c &c (in phil. the internal organ or anta-karaa of perception and cognition , the faculty or instrument through which thoughts enter or by which objects of sense affect the soul IW. 53 ; in this sense manas is always is always regarded as distinct from ātman and purua , " spirit or soul " and belonging only to the body , like which it is - except in the nyāya - considered perishable ; as to its position in the various systems » for nyāya and vaiśeika IW. 63 ; 67 ; 76 , for khya and vedā*nta ib. 84 ; 109 ; 117 ; in RV. it is sometimes joined with hd or hdaya , the heart Mn. vii , 6 with cakus , the eye)

asu in animals ; cf. above ) ib.
784,1] [p= 783,3] [L=156778]
ib. (ifc. after a verbal noun or an inf. stem in °tu = having a mind or wishing to ; cf. draṣṭu-m° &c ; manak , to make up one's mind ; with gen. , to feel inclination for ; manak,pra-k , √ dhā , vi- √ dhā , √ dh , √ bandh and Caus. of ni-viś with loc. dat. acc. with prati , or inf. , to direct the mind or thoughts towards , think of or upon ; mana with sam-ā-dhā , to recover the senses , collect one's self ; with √ han » mano-hatya ; mánasā ind. in the mind ; in thought or imagination ; with all the heart , willingly ; with gen. , by the leave of ; with iva = °se*va , as with a thought , in a moment ; with √ man , to think in one's mind , be willing or inclined ; with sa-gam , to become unanimous , agree ; manasi with √ k , to bear or ponder in the mind , meditate on , remember ; with ni-dhā , to impress on the mind , consider ; with √ vt , to be passing in one's mind)
784,1] [L=156779]
of the 26th kalpa (s.v.) Cat.

mānasa BhP.

N. of a sāman A1rshBr. [cf. Gk. μένος ; Lat. miner-va.]
(H2) n.
[L=156777]the spirit or spiritual principle , the breath or living soul which escapes from the body at death (called
[p= thought , imagination , excogitation , invention , reflection , opinion , intention , inclination , affection , desire , mood , temper , spirit
[p= N.
[L=156780]of the lake
[L=156781]manaso doha

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: etymologically and philologically ... - Page 784
Sir Monier Monier-Williams - 2005 - 1333 pages - Preview
Han—in, mfn. having a mind or soul, having intellect, TS. Xanaaka, n. dimin. of manas, AV. vi, 18, 3; (ifc.) =^ manas ; cf. ga/am°. . Xanaaya, Nom. PA osyd/i, 0te(g. iandv-ddi), to have in mind, intend, RV.; ...

The Upanishads, Part II of II - Page 288
author - Full view
For a man full of all desires, being possessed of will, imagination, and belief, is a slave; but he who is the opposite, is free. ... (But this is not our view), because (call it guna, intellect, buddhi, manas, mind, ahankâra, egotism, ...

ARTHUR A. MACDONELL - 1893 - Free Google eBook - Read
sam-a-dha, collect oneself ; in. manasa, in the mind ; in thought or imagination ; with all one's heart, willingly ; by the ... SJ«T^c^ m^nas-vat, a. (V.) spirited. Tl fe^manas-vm, a. (-1) intelligent,wise : (-vi^-ta,,/. intelligence, ...

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: being a practical handbook with ... - Page 216
1893 - 384 pages - Free Google eBook - Read
ваю-â-dhà, collect oneself; in. nianasa, in the mind ; in thought or imagination ; with all one's heart, willingly ; by the ... *i Щ í*3 1 manas- vin , a. (-i) intelligent, wise: (-vi)-tâ,/. intelligence, wisdom. •ТПЧЧЯЧ manaA-samkalpa ...

Indian psychology: Volume 2 - Page 49
Jadunath Sinha - 1986 - 512 pages - Preview
The empirical self is the Atman limited by mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), egoism (aharhkara) and the ... Rajas produces demerit.24 Perception, memory, imagination, reasoning and intuition are the different kinds of cognition. ..

Exploring Chakras: Awaken Your Untapped Energy - Page 84
Susan G. Shumsky - 2003 - 284 pages - Preview
Manas is undisciplined, empirical, vacillating, and characterized by doubt and delusion. ... Your Intellect Sheath The vijnanamaya kosha (intellect sheath) is the third aspect of your subtle body (sukshma sharira). ...

Luminous heart: the third Karmapa on consciousness, wisdom, and ... - Page 406
Karl Brunnhölzl - 2009 - 484 pages - Google eBook - Preview
72 Manas has a wide semantic range, primarily being one of the many Sanskrit words for "mind" in general, also meaning "conceptual mind," "thought," and " imagination" (it can also refer to "intellect," "intelligence," "perception," .

mánas--kānta [L=156782]
dear to the heart pleasant , agreeable Sus3r.
(H3) mfn.
mánas--tuṣṭi [L=156790]
satisfaction of mind , heart's content MW.
(H3) f.
manasá [L=156809]
N. of a ṛṣi RV. v , 44 , 10 ( Sa1y. )
manasá [L=156811]
(ifc. , with f(ā).) = manas , mind , heart Pa1rGr2. MBh. &c
(H2) m.
(H2B) n.
manasi--kāra [L=156824]
taking to heart Lalit.
(H3) m.
manasi--ja [L=156825]
" heart-born " , love or the god of love Ka1v.

(H3) m.
[L=156826]the moon
manasi--śaya [L=156831]
" lying in the heart " = -ja Vikr.
(H3) m.
manī- √ k [p= 784,2] [L=156854]
-karoti , to take to heart Vop.
manī- √ k [p= 787,1] [L=157531]
[p= 784,2].
(H2) P.
(H1) »
mano--gata [p= 785,1] [L=156993]
" mind-gone " , existing or passing or concealed in the mind or heart MBh. Ka1v. &c
mano--gata [L=156994]
thought , opinion , notion , idea , wish , desire ib.
mano-gata [p= 787,1] [L=157537]
» [p= 785,1].
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) n.
(H1) &c
mano--gati [p= 785,1] [L=156995]
" heart's course " , wish , desire MBh.
mano--gati [L=156996]
going where one will R.
(H3) f.
(H3B) mfn.
mano--dāhin [L=157059]
" heart-inflamer " , the god of love , L.
(H3) m.
mano--dukha [L=157060]
heart-ache , mental affliction MW.
(H3) n.
mano--'dhinātha [p= 785,2] [L=157066]
" heart-lord " , a lover , husband MW.
(H3) m.
mano--'bhiprā* ya [L=157084]
heart's desire
(H3) m.
mano--'-bhilāa [L=157089]
the heart's desire or wish MW.
(H3) m.
mano--mathana [L=157092]
" heart-agitator " , the god of love Pan5car.
(H3) m.
mano--mga [L=157097]
the heart conceived of as a deer Subh.
(H3) m.
mano--ratha [L=157105]
(ifc. f(ā).) " heart's joy " (» 2. ratha) , a wish , desire (also = desired object) MBh. Ka1v. &c


dram.) a wish expressed in an indirect manner , hint Sa1h.

» 1. ratha) R.

of a teacher Buddh.


mano--ratha [p= 1331,2] [L=337920.3]
accord. to some orig. Prakrit for mano'rtha, "heart-matter")
(H3) m.
[L=157106]fancy , illusion
[L=157108]the heart compared to a car (
[L=157110]of a poet
[L=157111]of various men
(H3) (
mano--rāga [p= 785,2] [L=157146]
affection , passion (of the heart) , Ma1lati1m.
(H3) m.
mano--ruj [L=157147.1]
pain or grief of the heart Ma1latim. ??
(H3) f.
mano--vallabhā [p= 785,3] [L=157158]
" heart's beloved " , a beloved woman Das3.
(H3) f.
mano--vahā [L=157159]
the heart-artery MBh.
(H3) f.
mano--vāñchita [L=157163]
heart'swish , the mind's desire ib.
(H3) n.
mano--hara [L=157180]
(ā or ī)n. " heart-stealing " , taking the fancy , fascinating , attractive , charming , beautiful Mn. MBh. &c

Multiflorum or Pubescens L.

karma-māsa) Su1ryapr.

of a poet Cat.

wk. ib.
mano--hara [L=157192]
gold L.
(H3) mf
[L=157182]the third day of the civil month (
[L=157184]of a
(H3B) n.
mano--hart [L=157200.1]
a heart-stealer BhP.
(H3) m.
mano--ht [L=157205]
" stealing the life " and " gladdening the heart " S3is3. xix , 109.
(H3) mfn.
mano--hlāda [L=157206]
joy of the heart R.
(H3) m.
mano--hlādin [L=157207]
gladdening the heart Ka1m.
(H3) mfn.
manma--śás [p= 786,3] [L=157482]
each according to his heart's desire RV.
(H3) ind.
manma--sā́dhana [L=157483]
accomplishing the heart's desires or wishes ib.
(H3) mfn.
marma--cara [p= 791,2] [L=158530]
the heart L.
(H3) n.