The Structure of Experience in Yoga Meditation

Experience Happens Through the Senses

Called Indriyas in Yoga

Yoga Meditation Experience is Rhythmic

This rhythm is often 15 seconds, or it may be as long as several minutes. Householders tend to have faster rhythms because they have to think fast - they have jobs and families and classes and responsibilities.

Experience is Elemental

When we experience the outer and the inner world, we tend to experience space, light (fire), water (or the ocean), the Earth in all its forms (and gravity), and air (breath). These play and interplay in an infinite variety.

Yoga is Instinctive

The instinctive tones change every few seconds or minutes.

Play is an instinct

A sense of playfulness is a great boon to yoga.

What makes you say WOW or AH! or OMG (oh my Goddess)