Leaving TM

In 1975, the TM movement, which had been my love, my life, my work, my circle of friends, my passion, my teacher, and all of my dreams, changed into something strange. All of a sudden there were people running around quoting Maharishi, saying “Maharishi says…” and then quoting something cruel, stupid, and deadening. These people took over the administration of the organization and set about remaking it in their image, that of a cold bureaucracy. Pretty much everyone who had a molecule of free spirit in them left the TM organization within the next couple of years. My heart ached for several years, I missed the whole thing. But the TM movement was now the TM stagnation.

This gave me time to explore what I was really interested – in which was how to customize the classic meditation practice to suit the individual nature of the people coming for instruction. Each person is so different.